Christmas Tea Time at La Vista

Is there anything better than afternoon tea?

Unlimited sandwiches, sweet treats and cups of tea is a joyful experience in itself, but having it with a Christmas theme goes another step further.

We’ve been to the buffets at the JW Marriott hotel in Lima a few times before and we’ve always had the best time, so when we saw that La Vista were giving their normal ‘lonche’ buffet the festive treatment, we knew we had to go and visit.

The decorations were lovely, and they even had a huge sculpture made completely from chocolate at the entrance. But, not only was the restaurant all decorated for the holidays, but so were all the desserts (yes please to Christmas profiteroles). Super festive!

Although desserts are obviously the best bit (including crepes filled and topped to order – another big ‘yes please’), there was also an array of sandwiches, hot snacks, salads, fruit, and the buffet’s main dish of roast ham with orange. I obviously shunned the fruit and salads to fill up on sandwiches, crepes and cookies, and I’m so happy I did! This trip was all about treating myself so there was no space for salad.

I would highly recommend having some of all of the sandwiches on offer, but definitely don’t miss the triple sandwiches (filled with avocado, egg and tomato) and the sweet rolls filled with chicken mayo and pecan. Then you should follow the sandwiches with some of the roasted ham with apple puree on the side. Delicious.

I think then, it’s all about the sweet stuff. First, get yourself a crepe filled with fudge and topped with chantilly cream (plus ice cream if you’re feeling indulgent) or a waffle topped with fruits (or fudge). Then, it’s time for a nice cup of tea and to devour the dessert bar. There’s chocolate cake, a variety of cookies (definitely try the gingerbread man), slices of panetón (some of the best I’ve tried), profiteroles, and a buche de noel. Plus, they have a selection of classic Peruvian desserts like arroz con leche (rice pudding) and merengue de chirimoya. They also have a chocolate fountain….if you have space!

During the evening Papa Noel will come to pay you a visit (the nicest, most polite Father Christmas I’ve ever met), to take photos and to gift you with a mini panetón. Such a nice touch and everyone in the restaurant loved it (it was mainly adults I’d like to add!).

For the grand total of s/75 you have access to as much food as you can eat in the space of time they’re open (5.00pm -8.00pm), plus a glass of cava to start your meal, a visit from Papa Noel and a mini panetón (panettone). It’s vital you make a reservation as the restaurant isn’t huge and the majority of the space is taken up with larger parties.

All in all, it was definitely money well spent. Wonderful service, an enjoyable atmosphere and delicious food. Plus, they played the Michael Bublé Christmas album over and over and over, so I had the absolute best time.

And to finish.....

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