Bluebells at Brampton Wood

It’s bluebell season!

Some of my local woodlands are carpeted in these beautiful blue flowers and this is the only time of the year to see them.

Having missed the bluebells for the last 6 years whilst I was in Peru, I was on a mission this year to see them. Brampton Wood Nature Reserve was recommended as a great place to find them, so we set off last weekend to see if we could find any. We must have arrived at the perfect time, because there were thousands of little plants all in bloom.

The woodland had rolled out the blue carpet for us and it was just so beautiful.

I mean, just look at the sea of blue and green covering the ground underneath the trees; it was like being in some kind of fairytale. It was hard to stop taking photos, as every view was prettier than the next, and when the sun hit the flowers through the trees the colour of blue changed, meaning that they were always slightly different depending on where I looked.

*fun fact* Bluebells are a sign that the woodland they are in is an ancient woodland and Brampton most definitely is! It’s actually the second oldest wood in the country at over 900 years old, which means this woodland has been around since the Middle Ages. Insane!

After wandering around the bluebells for a while – and having taken about a million photos – we explored the surrounding woodland, finding wide pathways lined with long grass, trees bursting with blossom, moss covered branches and lots of bees and butterflies. Overall, it’s a gorgeous place for a weekend walk with the family. It’s a pretty big place though and we only covered about a third of it during our visit!

For the next couple of weekends Brampton Wood is doing guided bluebell tours, so if you’re wanting to learn more about these blue beauties, and the nature reserve in general, then maybe this could be just what you’re looking for. If you visit, just make sure to take care of the flowers and not squash them by only using the set footpaths. They’re so delicate!

Brampton Wood is free to enter and is open at all hours

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