7 Canadian Foods You Have To Eat

Oh Canada.

Every time I visit, my stomach leaves full and very, very happy.

A lot of fantastic dishes I’ve tried have international origins, what with Canada being such a melting pot of cultures, but there are some quintessential, classic Canadian foods that you just have to try when you go. There are some that I have to eat every time I visit and some that I always bring back to England with me.

I’m sure there are way more Canadian wonder foods, but these are the ones I’ve tried and would totally recommend you do the same!

Nanaimo Bars

This traybake is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten and it is popular all over Canada. It originated in the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia and is made up of three layers of sweetness; a coconut/wafer base, a custard buttercream middle and a chocolate ganache topping. Super yummy!


What is poutine I hear you cry? Well, it’s a dish from the region of Quebec and consists of chips, gravy and cheese curds; the perfect post-drinking meal! I confess that I’m actually not a fan of the original poutine, but I am when it comes to adding extras! I personally love it when it comes with something slightly sweet, like pulled pork, as it just balances everything out perfectly.

Butter Tarts

These little tarts are the best treat and are one of the earliest recipes of English speaking Canadian origin. The first written recipe came from the Ontario region and you can find these little beauties all over the place. Traditionally a pastry shell is filled with a mixture of butter, sugar, egg and syrup, but some people add raisins or nuts and others change the flavour to make alternatives like maple and chocolate. Whatever the variety, they’re completely delicious.

Maple Syrup

A classic Canadian staple, and technically not a ‘food’ in its own right, but it’s an ingredient I just had to include! The majority of Canadian maple syrup comes from Quebec, but it is made in other regions too. I visited a maple syrup farm in Ontario and the product was absolutely incredible. I saw it being made into house made bbq sauce, and tasted it in fudge, soft serve, mustard, coated on peanuts and just straight up in both amber and dark styles. It’s such a versatile ingredient to put into so many dishes, but when made well it’s absolutely scrumptious just on a spoon on its own….

Peameal Bacon

This is apparently a uniquely Torontonian dish but has become popular across the country, but I think some people are actually unsure of its Canadian origins. It’s a style of cured bacon rolled in corn meal (traditionally peameal) and it’s super juicy and flavourful. You can find it most prominently in Toronto’s St Lawrence Market, in a bun from the Carousel Bakery.

Tim Hortons

A quintessential Canadian coffee and doughnut chain that all of Canada seems to love. It was founded in the 60s in Ontario by a hockey player (could it be more Canadian…!) of the same name and branches have spread like wildfire across the country and abroad. I love, love, love their doughnuts and I always make sure to get my Tim Hortons fix whenever I’m in the country!

Beaver Tails

I love these pastry treats shaped, as the name suggests, like a beaver tail. They’re a flat, oval shaped, doughnut style snack, but much lighter than your regular one. It comes with a number of different toppings, like chocolate, banana and peanut butter, but the traditional is a cinnamon sugar number, which is pretty perfect just as it is!


And to finish.....

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