Pollo a la Leña in Matambrito

It takes a while to get settled into a new house, but I love it.

And in between all that moving and cleaning, a girl has gotta eat, right?

Where better than Matambrito…

This great little place in Punta Hermosa has already become a favourite.


They specialise in Pollo a la Leña, which is chicken cooked in a brick oven over a wood fire. There are other items on their menu but this is their number 1 dish.

The restaurant itself is quite small but large enough to accommodate 6 tables, another large one in the middle, and a couple of bar tables. They also have covered seating outside for the beautiful summer days (even during autumn too!)


I love the brightly coloured decor in here, it just makes everything look so sunny and jolly. It puts you in such a good mood!


They also have a lot of chickens everywhere (obviously), from the artwork on the walls to the napkin holders.

chicken decor

I also really appreciate how they recycle.


They use old wooden crates to store glasses at the bar and pieces of wood to hold up the bar tables. It’s very innovative, eco-friendly and also adds to the great decor in there.

While you wait for your amazing chicken, the waitress will lay a paper mat in front of you.

Boring you say? Oh no…

You get crayons too! Haha, not just for the children either.

Here is my chicken…..


It’s a picture of my Mum’s chicken Susie! I thought she fit in well with the decor here.

But back to the actual roasting chickens themselves….

You can order a whole chicken, a half or even just a quarter for yourself!


We ordered a quarter chicken each which comes with its own salad and a portion of chips (fries) all for only S/15.

chicken meal

It comes served in a basket, but believe me its not like any chicken in a basket you have ever tasted.

It comes fresh from the oven and is so juicy and beautifully cooked. The skin is lovely and crisp and full of flavour, which is just how a roasted chicken skin should be!

chicken & chips

The chips and salad are traditional accompaniments, and don’t get me wrong both were also great, but neither overshadowed the star of the dish.

If chicken isn’t your thing, then they also do a great salchipapas. This is a mixture of chips (the ‘papas’ part) and sliced up hot dog sausage (the ‘salchi’ part….well actually salchicha) with a mayonnaise style sauce drizzled over the top.


This dish is great late at night. It’s naughty but I love it.

I love Punta Hermosa all year round, not just in the summer like most of the hoards that visit. Take a trip off season and visit Matambrito. You will be so glad you did!

Matambrito – Avenida Garcia Rada, Punta Hermosa. (the end furthest from the Panamericana and closest to the sea. Opposite the school)

The opening times are a bit random, but usually they are open all week from lunchtime onwards into the evening. If you come on a weekend it should definitely be open.

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