Easter Eats Part 2 // COSME

And so we continue to the next stop on our journey.

Day 3 (Saturday) – COSME

I love visiting San Isidro on holidays because there is little to no traffic in your way, which never happens on a regular day of the week. I had been wanting to try COSME ever since it opened and the Easter break was a perfect excuse to head to San Isidro and try it out! I also really wanted to see the incredible recycled, multicoloured ceiling that they had!


I mean take a look! It’s mesmerising, no?

The back wall also uses recycled decoration.

bottle tops

It makes your eyes go funny in the photo but I can assure you it does not in real life! It is covered with bottle tops, making it almost as colourful as the ceiling!

Cosme is not a huge restaurant but it still feels open and airy, which I think is helped by the different heights and styles of tables.

We started our visit with drinks, and I had heard on the grapevine that the natural sodas made in COSME were excellent.

And that piece of advice was definitely not wrong. We ordered a basil and ginger soda, and then a hierba luisa soda (lemongrass – one of my favourite drink ingredients).

Both were beautiful but in such different ways. The hierba luisa was sweet and sherbet-y, and then the basil and ginger had more of a savoury note. Both were really refreshing, especially the basil one, and they only had a slight fizz so they didn’t feel too bubbly!

Next came the fresh bread (S/6).


A whole loaf between two people.

I was in heaven. (Note how part of it has already disappeared before the photo was even snapped!)


They even bring little dishes of artfully placed butters (I love these little dishes – I need them in my life). One salted with what looked like sal de maras, and the other was a red pepper butter which had just a touch of sweetness.

Is there anything better than freshly baked bread warm from the oven and some butter melting on top? Especially when the bread is so light and airy, but with that crisp crust on the outside that just begs to be broken into. Exquisite.

// TO START //

For a starter we ordered croquettes filled with Grana Padano Parmesan, bacon and quinoa (S/24)

croquettes & cajun salsa

The outsides were crisp and the insides were a molton lava of cheesy goodness. I cannot explain how good these tasted and especially dipped into the creamy cajun sauce that comes served with it. Just a delight! Unfortunately there were only two each but I could have eaten about 10.

P.S. The sauce is also great when you dip the bread into it too. Just sayin’.

I feel the need for a close up of these beauties!




For mains I ordered the Arroz Cosme (S/36).

arroz cosme
I’m not sure what I expected but this dish surpassed whatever that was!

Rice, beans, nuts and fried pork, all mixed together in a sweet hoisin style sauce, made an incredibly tasty nest for a just-cooked poached egg to rest in the middle. Around the edges were little bundles of house-made platano al hilo (matchstick platano crisps) which were just perfect for dipping into that runny egg yolk. They also made an excellent crunchy contrast to the softness of the other ingredients.

I absolutely loved this dish and so did my boyfriend, who proceeded to eat half of it, even though he had ordered the Pato Guisado (S/44).

pato guisado

An incredibly tender stewed duck leg served on a bed of puréed loche (a type of squash).

I think it looked and tasted amazing, and so did my boyfriend, however he was disappointed that there was nothing else to go with it aside from a salsa criollo (onions,chilli, coriander). I think he was thinking perhaps some carbs, maybe a side of rice. However it’s difficult to say, because you wouldn’t want the random ingredient to take away from the true nature of the dish, so maybe the chef didn’t think it was appropriate to serve anything else. Who knows? But I can understand his disappointment at the lack of something more.

In the end he ordered another one of the loaves of bread, and then he was much happier with his dish (He sure does love his bread!), which was, in fact, very tasty with its combination of spiced squash and melt-in-the-mouth duck.


We obviously had room for dessert.

I went for the Paleta de Helado (S/14) – a chocolate-mint paleta (ice cream on a stick – think Magnum style).

paleta choco/menta
It was amazingly good, from the presentation of the ice cream all the way to the last minty mouthful. I loved the design, which had a chocolate coating only part way, and a bright green sprinkling of mint chocolate on top. Oh and boy was there a mint flavour. It was like eating a chocolate covered mint cream, although without it being overly powerful and strong. It was almost subtle and so enjoyable, and reminded me of a Fry’s Mint Cream chocolate bar or, if you have no idea what that is, an After Eight.

He ordered the Limon de Convento (S/18).

We still are unsure as to how this was managed but none of that mattered once you started eating! The principal part of the dish is a whole limon. It appears to have been cooked until the skin and the insides have become soft and sweet. But there were no pips! How did they get the pips out? I’m so intrigued.

I digress.

The limon was served in a little pool of what can only be described as a creamy limón custard, which was like a melted down version of the limón layer in a pie de limón. This was beautiful and such a pleasing texture, and not as sweet as the filling would be in a pie.  There was also a portion of crumbly, buttery biscuit crumbs to sprinkle over everything, which gave a fantastic contrast in both flavour and texture.

The menu says that it is a reminder of a pie de limón, but the waiter explained that this is not its primary intention. It’s a stand alone dessert whose flavours just happen to remind people of pie de limón!

It’s true, it does remind you of the pie, however it is also so much more than that.

We finished with an espresso served in a bright red cup sitting upon a mat that looked like Santa’s sleigh. I love it! The design here is genius!

I had an excellent first experience here at COSME and I will definitely be coming back. I need to try the panceta in a steamed bun. Oh and also the Coulant de Lúcuma, which is like a melting middle chocolate pudding, but the middle is liquid lúcuma instead of chocolate. I mean yum. Who wouldn’t want to come back for that?!! It’s the perfect dessert pairing.

COSME – Tudela y Varela 160 – 162, San Isidro

They don’t have much parking, only 4 spaces, but there is a supermarket on the next road and other paid parking spots nearby if there is no space. There is also a park behind the street so there may also be parking there. It’s not a big issue but I thought it was worth mentioning!

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