Hungary: Fisherman’s Bastion & Hungarian Cakes

Fisherman’s Bastion has some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Budapest.

It’s like you’ve wandered up the staircase into an absolute fairytale world.

But that seems to have been the intention of the architects of this amazing viewing platform overlooking the river and Pest beyond. When it was built around the year 1900, it was in celebration of 1000 years of the Hungarian state and so they wanted to emulate that medieval style. It was never about building the area for battle, but instead for the locals to enjoy. The towers, spires and winding staircases make it look like a castle fit for a princess. It coincided with the restoration of Matthias Church which proudly sits behind it. This is also stunning in construction – especially its gorgeous mosaic roof.

The day we visited was ridiculously sunny with a bright blue sky, so the white of the stone literally gleamed against it. It also made the sky look super blue! You can pay an extra fee to walk the ‘battlements’ but you’ll get a perfect view regardless. It’s a gorgeous spot to take a look across the river at the equally stunning parliament building opposite. You can choose to take the funicular up and walk across from the station or just walk directly up, which is what we did.

The fact that we walked up the hill definitely meant we deserved dessert. Across the plaza from Matthias church (heading away from the bastion) you can find a little cafe filled with cakes and pastries. Ruszwurm Cukrászda – apparently the oldest confectionery in Hungary – makes the perfect rest stop between visiting the bastion and Buda Castle, or just because it’s 11.00 and it’s cake time. I loved the Dobos Torte, which is made up of thin layers of sponge and chocolate buttercream, topped with crunchy – but slightly chewy – caramel. So, so good. But the highlight here was the cream cake, or krémes. Crisp pastry filled with a sweet, thick creamy vanilla custardy filling and in my cake eating expert opinion, it was a dream.

Live your fairytale life and view Budapest from the most picturesque spot in the city…. but don’t forget to treat yourself with a slice of something sweet afterwards!

Ruszwurm Cukrászda // 1014 Budapest, Szentháromság utca 7.

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