Exploring Graffiti Alley

In the center of Toronto, you’ll find a long collection of joined alleyways that are completely filled with colourful graffiti, artwork and murals.

These little back streets are a hub for street art and you can find some amazing pieces while walking along the route.

Back in 2011, Graffiti Alley became the location for legal graffiti in the city, and since then it has increased in popularity with tourists from all over the world visiting this famous spot (there are even organised tours!). If you want to read more about the history of how the alley came to be, then check out this article in blogTo.


This urban street gallery runs from Spadina to Portland Street and can easily be found on Google Maps for those looking for it. Entering from the Spadina end, you feel like you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be, but you’ll meet other people exploring the area just like you as you head further in! The artworks increase as you move through with some pretty big murals as you reach the crossroad of McDougall Lane.

It’s a pretty interesting place to see, if a little grimy, and definitely a unique tourist attraction! I’d definitely recommend a walkthrough if you find yourself up that way and perhaps you’ll even spot some familiar faces immortalised on the walls!

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