The Wizarding World in London // The House of MinaLima

I’ve been having a crazy month of Harry Potter bookings, so I’ve been totally in the wizarding mood to write this post this week. I’ve managed to get tickets for ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ in London next year, booked into the Harry Potter WB studio tour (again….see my original visit here) to catch up on the new additions and to see it all decked out for Christmas in December, and managed to get tickets for the ‘A History of Magic’ exhibit at the British Library that’s on from now until the end of February. This all makes me so happy.

Another fabulous Harry Potter style trip you can make in London is to the House of MinaLima. Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima are the graphic design duo MinaLima, and they are the brains and talent behind all the graphic art elements of the ‘Harry Potter’ films and the spin-off film ‘Fantastic Beasts (And Where to Find Them)’.

The House of MinaLima is a 4 floor house absolutely jam packed with items MinaLima designed for the movies. It’s absolutely free to enter, but if you can make it on a weekday you’re less likely to be given a timed ticket for entry. Just turn up and enjoy!

The staff are super knowledgeable and are really interesting to talk to if you want to learn more about the items or hear some interesting anecdotes.

The shop is located on the ground floor and you can purchase books, prints, accessories and stationery made by MinaLima, and they are not all Harry Potter (or Fantastic Beasts) themed. They have some beautiful books, such as Peter Pan and The Jungle Book with their gorgeous artwork on the cover.

Everything in this house is decorated including the windows, walls and floors. There’s a stain glass window of the Hogwarts crest, decorated stairs, and walls plastered with Ministry of Magic posters.

Plus, one of the floors is decorated like the Marauders Map, which is too amazing for words.

One of my favourite bits is the collection of Hogwarts letters flying around the room (not literally), and also the ones shooting out of the fireplace on the top floor. If you’ve read, or seen, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, then you’ll know exactly which part of the story this represents.

You can even see a print of the actual letter inside the envelope. Every Harry Potter fan wished they had received one of these, I know I did!

This place is literally a treasure trove of HP goodies.

From the Weasley’s packaging….

….to copies of the Daily Prophet (including adverts for long brooms and other such necessities).

And there are even posters for the Quidditch World Cup! Thank goodness England are in it, maybe they’re better at Quidditch than football? Notice also how Peru made it in….

The packaging designs are excellent and I love how they brought so many objects from the books to life, like the Howler. Alongside these, there are a lot more of these objects to view in the WB Studio Tour in Watford.

It’s not only finished items on display, you can also see the designs on paper before they were put into practice. This Hogwarts Express ticket is just one such example.

There are also quite a few book covers….

They also have them displayed alongside cabinets of the final article…

Like this turquoise book with silver overlay. Just stunning.

You can also see a well loved ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ sat alongside it.

I love how the books look used, and not brand new. Even the insides of the books are printed and in some cases annotated too, just like in real life (I believe this one is the annotated potions book in ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’). Plus, on the top shelf we get a quick look at the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ book, used by students at Hogwarts as a study guide. However, there is more about the film ‘Fantastic Beasts’ in a room on the top floor.

A case, looking a lot like Newt’s, is packed with books about beasts, and posters behind tell of the issues for witches and wizards at the time in New York City where the films are set. There are plenty of other designs up on the walls, but you’ll have to visit if you want to see them!

I just loved how the house was set up and how the rooms were decorated based on either what was inside each room, or just to invoke the feeling or ambience of the stories.

The House of MinaLima is not just great for Harry Potter fans, but also fans of film production, graphic design, and art.

These items are all incredible in their design and construction and I feel that everyone can take something away from their visit here. It’s an art gallery and immersive exhibition space all in one, and there is just so much detail in every item that they make. The duo think of absolutely everything when creating each piece of work.

It’s open from 12-7pm every day but, as I said above, you may be better to visit during the week if possible! It’s not huge, and you’ll find it more enjoyable with less people moving around the space, as you are able to study each item for longer. This a small selection of what you can see there, so definitely visit to see everything else that is on display. I especially love the wizards A,B,C!

Looking at these photos does make me wish that I was able to apparate or take a portkey there whenever I wanted to take a look around again….

House of MinaLima – 26 Greek Street, Soho, London

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