District Edit – Barranco Highlights

There are so many places in Barranco that I still need to try, so this is actually a much smaller list than it should be. I have the longest checklist of places to visit but there just isn’t enough time to visit them all. We have some firm favourites here that we keep getting drawn back to time and again, and we forget to try new spots. Probably a good problem to have though! If you have any favourites, please let me know in the comments below.

This following guide partners with my list on Google Maps, ‘District Edit – Barranco’. It explains my choices in more detail and shares any extra information I may have posted before. Links for the different locations are available through the map and I hope this helps give you some inspiration for your next trip to Barranco.

This is the link to the map to check out my recommendations and their location – https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/1t_GeyL2BGCKXzHvct38_hPiqF3E

These locations have been added to the map in no particular order…

Wick’s (Brewpub) – English Pub & Brewery

This is our favourite spot for a chilled Saturday afternoon with a pint of on-site brewed English beer and a bowl of freshly cooked chips. It really feels like a pub back home, which helps when you want to be somewhere familiar, and my boyfriend absolutely loves it here, so it’s a win win.

Included in this post here.

BLU – Gelateria

One of the best locations in Lima for fantastic gelato anytime of the year. The flavours are a mix of old favourites and new exciting ones, and the gelato itself is super creamy and delicious.

Included in this post here.

La 73 – Peruvian Restaurant

These guys make some of the best churros in Lima and their little outside terrace is lovely in the warmer weather.

Included in this post here.

Ayahuasca Restobar – Bar

The decor in this old colonial house is incredible. It has some very traditional pieces of clothing and objects decorating the walls and hanging from the ceiling, but every room is different. There is a room filled with strange artefacts and has a wall lined with old books, and another covered in brightly coloured bottles. They do a number of pisco cocktails, including a great chilcano, and some delicious Peruvian snacks to go alongside them.

Post available here.

Dedalo – Shop

A beautiful shop inside a colonial house selling Peruvian pieces of art, furniture, clothing, decorative homeware, jewellery and more. They also have a regularly changing exhibition space and a small cafe in the inner patio area.

Crem de la Crem – Gelateria

Another lovely gelato place, but this time with an adjoining cafe. It’s located right on the main square so you can grab a scoop, head outside and maybe listen to some live music (on a weekend) while you eat.

Included in this post here.

La Bodega Verde – Café

Lovely cafe in a beautiful garden setting serving up scrumptious salads and juices alongside coffee and baked goods. (Picture courtesy of my brother)

Bosco Magico – Gelateria

Bosco Magico scoops some of the best chocolate gelato made from Amazonian cacao and their fruit flavours are crazy delicious too. Do not miss out! Once I waited in line for a good 15 minutes for this and it was absolutely worth it.

Bosco Magico also included here.

Canta Rana – Seafood

Hugely popular and busy restaurant so come early of you want a table straight away! They have a large menu and their ceviche is excellent, but if you’re not a fan of chilli ask for the spice on the side. The fried calamari sandwich is also a hit!

M.A.C. (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo) – Gallery

MAC is a big gallery, spaced over a few buildings, housing both temporary and permanent exhibitions of modern art. I went to the David LaChapelle photography exhibit there which was absolutely stunning so check out the website to see what’s on during your visit.

Post available here.

Plaza Chabuca Granda – Park

Lovely little park space just up from the Puente de los Suspiros (see below) named after the Peruvian composer/singer who released a song in the 1960’s named ‘El Puente de los Suspiros’.

La Revolución – Burgers & Sandwiches

Delicious and different burgers, including their black pudding burger which is fantastic. I’d also recommend checking out the pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw. Messy, but so enjoyable!

I took the photos for this post from Living in Peru.

Not on the map…

Street Art along Bajada de Baños (and throughout Barranco)

This one was a little hard to map, but nonetheless I wanted to include it! There are some fabulous wall murals and street art throughout Barranco, but the top of Bajada de Baños/Ermita has some really great examples. There’s also a lot of wall art along 28 de Julio between Av. Pedro de Osma and Av. Miguel Grau that you can take a peek at while you walk to BLU gelato!

Various locations

Puente de los Suspiros

I can see it on the map but there’s no location marker for me to save so I can’t add it to the list, but it’s a must visit for a lot of people. It’s a small wooden bridge crossing the Bajada de Baños (which used to be a stream) near the top of the street (just down from the road bridge) and the name translates into English as the Bridge of Sighs. It had always been a draw for artists, poets and creative types and because of this, it was the backdrop to many a romance over the years (I’m sure it was much prettier with water running underneath it!). The Peruvian singer Chabuca Granda sang about the bridge in the 1960’s and since then it’s become symbolic of Barranco’s art and romance throughout its existance. Fun fact: Venice, Oxford and Cambridge all have a Bridge of Sighs.

Between Ayacucho and Ermita (alongside Plaza Chabuca Granda). Over Bajada de Baños.

I hope this has been helpful for you, and please let me know below if you have any recommendations of places I should try out and then share on the map.

I will edit this page as often as I edit the map so do check back for updates in the future!

E x

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