Six Snacks You Have To Try at Tokyo Disney Resort

It’s been a dream of mine to visit Tokyo Disney Resort for years now, not only for the amazing theming, rides, and merchandise, but for their snacks!

TDR has a reputation for having some of the best themed snacks in all of the world’s Disney parks. Think steamed buns shaped like a rubber ring/life preserver with Donald Duck inside it thanks to genius packaging, or a salted ice cream filled wafer shaped like a sea shell with raspberry jam, or a sandwich shaped like Donald’s foot, or even little green mochi dumplings shaped like the aliens from Toy Story. What??!!!  The best thing is that these snacks are not just for show, the majority of them taste amazing too (I did hear bad things about the Mickey shaped burger, but I haven’t tried that myself). Plus, the literal icing on the cake is that compared to the prices of snacks in the US Disney parks, they’re all really pretty affordable!

I couldn’t possibly try them all with only one day in each park, but I wanted to share a few of the ones I did manage to get my hands on and absolutely loved! Plus, I made sure all these snacks were year round regulars – not seasonal specials that you wouldn’t be able to find anymore – and I think that they might all be Tokyo Disney exclusives too.

Mickey Shaped Pastries

Sweetheart Cafe in Tokyo Disneyland is filled with interesting pastries of all kinds. It’s actually very reminiscent of bakeries you’ll find dotted throughout Tokyo city itself; very cutesy, with interestingly filled and shaped breads. There were Mickey shaped chocolate muffins, bone shaped buns, Mike Wazowski bread and Mickey head danishes. I grabbed an orange danish here (340 yen), which was buttery and flaky on the outside and then filled with sweet orange in the middle (I think both fruit and a kind of jam). Just what you need to start your day in the Disney parks!

Alice In Wonderland Dessert Cup

The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall in TDL is somewhere you need to visit if you love Disney’s Alice in Wonderland animation. It’s just one of the most wonderfully over-the-top themed Disney restaurants I’ve ever visited. The outside looks like the maze, the inside is themed like the garden with huge flowers to make you feel as though you’ve shrunk down, and then the counter service space is like the kitchen with huge pots and pans hanging above your head. It’s amazing.  What I loved here is the desserts you can buy that come in their own souvenir mugs (750 yen). It’s an extremely affordable way to get a souvenir and snack at the same time, plus the mugs are super cute! When I visited the mug contained a little pot of a custard pudding topped with sweet fresh fruit and a chocolate playing card. Adorable to look at and pretty tasty too! I would also highly recommend the corn soup if you need a bit of warming up in the colder months. It’s thick, creamy and sweet and hits the spot perfectly.

Minnie Ice Lolly

I picked one of these up in Mermaid Lagoon in Tokyo Disney Sea, but you can actually find them dotted about the parks. The Minnie version is peach and raspberry and the Mickey version is tropical fruit, so either one would be delicious! It was the end of a really rainy day at the end of November, but I just couldn’t resist trying it anyway and I’m super glad I did as it was so flavourful. I can imagine this would be the best thing ever on a hot Tokyo summer day.

Chandu Curry Bun

Chandu is a cute little tiger sidekick that accompanies Sinbad on his adventures in Tokyo Disney Sea’s awesome dark ride ‘Sinbad’s Story Book Adventure’. Everyone seems to fall in love with this adorable character and Disney has even made him his very own themed snack. When I first looked into visiting Tokyo Disney, Chandu tails were all the rage – steamed buns shaped like tiger tails filled with creamy chicken – but before my trip they actually discontinued these and replaced them with Chandu heads instead (500 yen). The head and the hat actually come with two different fillings, chicken curry in the head and I think some kind of minced pork in the hat, so it’s really a 2-for-1 snack! It’s not overly flavourful, however I’d still recommend it as a fun snack to grab on your way through the Arabian Coast. It was actually the design and the packaging that really drew me in, with it appearing as though Chandu is completely there, but it’s actually just his features sitting on top of the colourful bun! The inside of the wrapper actually has the bun shape printed on, so that when you remove the bun, the front and the back of the wrapper match to make a complete Chandu again. It’s little touches like this, that make the Tokyo snacks stand out from all the other Disney parks.

Alien Mochi

This was probably one of my most highly anticipated snacks of the trip. Everyone talks about these little guys and I knew if I was only eating one snack (as if!) these little squidgy mochi would be it. You get three in a pot, each filled with a different flavour cream – one vanilla, one strawberry and one chocolate (360 yen). The chocolate one is by far the best, but they were just so much fun to eat!! According to the website you can pick these up in Mama Biscotti’s in TDS or at Soft Landing and Pan Galactic Pizza Port in TDL. Plus, for an extra cost you can get them served inside a keepsake rocket shaped claw machine like in the movies!

Mickey Glove Sandwich (with pork)

This can actually come as a meal set in some locations (990 yen), but I just bought the sandwich itself to try (600 yen). There are a few different fillings depending on where you purchase it in Tokyo Disneyland, for example with roast chicken and egg in Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe, or fried chicken in Plasma Ray’s Diner. However, I knew I wanted the pork one from Boiler Room Bites in Adventureland. A warm, slightly sweet steamed bun shaped like Mickey’s glove, filled with a thick slice of pork (pretty sure it was glazed) and topped with greens and sesame seeds. It was the perfect balance of sweet and savoury and I loved every bite!

There are some snacks I would still love to try, like the seashell monaka ice cream, the Mickey muffins, and the pork wrapped rice roll, so I’ll absolutely have to go back – very, very soon (I’m keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed). The many flavours of popcorn are another popular snack that usually comes recommended by visitors, but I didn’t really want to spend my snack budget on popcorn, as there were way more interesting things to be eaten!

Just make sure that when you go to Tokyo Disney, you go hungry!

And to finish.....

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