England: Tinsel and Tweed at Anglesey Abbey

I can’t believe we’re in 2020 already, but luckily we still have a few more days of Christmas and sparkle before twelfth night is here.A great place to visit to get rid of those January blues is Anglesey Abbey, where they’ve decked out their manor house with a sixties style Christmas twist.

The National Trust house has been all dressed up to look like one of Lord Fairhaven’s Christmas hunting parties, complete with trees draped in tinsel and all of the winter tweed he would have worn for the occasion (hence the event name ‘Tinsel and Tweed‘!). There are food replicas on the dining tables, as well as real bakes made right there in the kitchens, plus recreated hampers and actual 60s catalogues from famous London department store  Fortnum & Mason. It’s a great way to see the house come to life! The staff are super knowledgeable and will tell you so many stories about the history of the house, so you can really imagine what might have been going on at the time. I just loved the amount of Christmas trees there were, from the cosy one in the lounge to the glitzy one in the dining room and the tiny one in the servants quarters. Plus, all the festive foliage dotted around the place was just the nicest rural touch.

Anglesey Abbey’s grounds are still a beautiful place to walk around during the winter too, so make sure to take a stroll after your visit to the house and then warm up with a festive hot drink and a cake in the cafe too. I can personally recommend the gingerbread muffins and flavoured hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles!

Tinsel & Tweed runs until the 5th of January, so you’ve still got a few days left to check it out over the weekend. Just make sure to reserve your free entry time online before you go and collect your token at the entrance. Weirdly there’s no information on the National Trust site anymore, but tickets are still available to reserve your spot through Eventbrite. It’ll be such a nice way to see the last days of Christmas out and maybe you’ll even see some vintage decorations you recognise from your grandparents’ house or even from your own childhood!

And to finish.....

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