Sunday Beach Walks

There’s something so relaxing about beach walks and the sea air.

Last weekend we headed down to our old stomping ground in Punta Hermosa and couldn’t resist taking an early morning stroll around the bays (Señoritas and Caballeros) like we used to.

It was nice and early, before the crowds, so it was basically just us and the surfers. The sun wasn’t long up so the air was still fresh, unlike later in the day, so it was the perfect time to take a wander. The sky over the sea was a little misty to start but as the sun came up over the bay, the mist soon disappeared, leaving blue sea and sky behind. I love the colour palette at this time of day, with pastel blues, greys and earthy tones taking centre stage. But, every so often a little pop of green or pink from the plants and trees that have been carefully placed along the route give a nice contrast.

A lot of big houses border the malecón that lines the beach and I love walking along deciding which houses I might want to buy, what colour I might paint them and what plants I’d put in the little gardens outside. Although pricey properties take up a small percentage of my morning musings, it’s definitely not my main focus!

Instead, it’s the beaches and all the life to be found on them (surfers and dog walkers not included!) that always catch my eye. There were plenty of crabs, pelicans, and other seabirds, but sadly no starfish this time, although at certain times of the day they love to sunbathe in the little rock pools. We also discovered shells and seaweed washed up on the shore and then clambered among the rocks to get better views of the black and orange crabs scuttling around.

Last year, I wrote a guide to my favourite spots to visit in the southern beaches of Lima, but if you’re looking for a place to grab lunch specifically at these two beaches, then I have two perfect options. Playa Señoritas has the best ceviche at a little place called Sylvia (they make it with aji amarillo – yellow chilli – and it’s amazing). It’s on the main route above Señoritas where you drive in, behind the apartment buildings, and it’s the last one of a few restaurants in wooden constructions on the side of the road.

Playa Caballeros has my all time favourite cafe/restaurant in Punta Hermosa ‘La Casa de Gloria’, who serve up sandwiches, breakfasts, juices, main dishes and the best chocolate cake. You can bet that after our walk on Sunday, I headed over to pick myself up a slice before leaving!

If you’re looking for somewhere to spend the day at the beach, then Punta Hermosa is definitely the perfect coastal town. It’s been getting busier and busier every year though, so I’d get there very early on holidays and at weekends, or go on a week day instead to have the best experience and avoid all the people.

It was such a nice morning for a walk along the beach and I’m so glad we made the time to get out of Lima to take in the sea air and the coastal views. Sometimes, a weekend break at places close to home are all you really need to give you a jumpstart and a refresh.

And to finish.....

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