Lake Walks in Lucerne, Switzerland

Taking a walk alongside Lake Lucerne is the perfect way to spend a couple of hours.

It’s pretty peaceful once you move away from the main centre… so let me show you the way.

Head over to the Grand Hotel National and walk along the tree lined pathway, then after a while you’ll join up with Luzernerquai. Keep following the same path until you reach the large building that houses the Swiss Museum of Transport, the Swiss Chocolate Adventure and the Lindt store. After all, I think chocolate is the perfect reward for your walk and a perfect snack for the trip back!

You’ll come across gardens, parks, water birds, interesting buildings, tons of boats and even sculptures, all whilst taking in the views of the lake and the mountains beyond. It’s honestly the most delightful walk, especially when you stop every now and then to take in all the details and scenery. And you can’t help but do that, especially because there are so many swans to see! If you smell the flowers, watch the birds in the water, admire the art, and say hi to all the dogs you meet, your walk will be super enjoyable!

Once you’ve walked back to the start there are so many things for you to do in the city itself. If you need some ideas, take a look at my last post of ‘10 Things To Do in Lucerne‘. Also, if you were interested, Lucerne is actually an easy day trip from Zurich, so if you find yourself there then definitely head here for a quick visit! I hope you all get to come here someday, it’s crazy beautiful and so lovely to explore.

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