Lunch at Trinity

If you saw my post a few weeks back, you’ll know that I made a fair few new food discoveries while I was home in Cambridge for the summer. One of those was Trinity.

Trinity is right in the centre of town, not surprisingly on Trinity Street and just across from the university college of the same name.

The food here is fantastic and I just had to eat a full three courses, despite being really full after the first two. It’s so hard to leave without dessert (especially when they all sound so good)!


We started off with a couple of glasses of wine (always a good thing) and the bread with oil. The bread was soft, warm and fluffy and I just about devoured it. I know. I know. Never fill up on bread at the start of a meal, but I just couldn’t stop. The bread was so good!

For starters I went for the breaded ham hock and black pudding, which was absolutely incredible. The ham hock was tender and melting and contrasted perfectly with the crisp outside shell.

Mum went for the mussels which she loved and easily managed her way through the bowl. The broth smelled fantastic and the mussels were perfectly cooked.

Main course was the pork belly. I couldn’t help having the same meat for my main, I just love pork in all it’s wonderful cuts and varieties. The crackling was crisp, the pork underneath melty and delicious and the veggies perfectly offset the richness of the rest of the dish. Mum went for the chicken, which she said was juicy and flavourful and I think, with the asparagus and greens alongside, made for a perfectly summery dish.

To finish the meal I settled on the raspberry and basil creme brûlée, which was honestly incredible. I wasn’t sure how basil would fit in with a custard dessert, but it was perfect. The basil, and the raspberries, cut through the richness of the custard and both fruit and herb partnered each other well. There was also a couple of little lemon and poppyseed shortbread biscuits on the side which was such a nice addition.

However, it wasn’t just the food that was superb. The service was excellent too and with a pretty full dining area. The bartender and waiter were both very friendly, informative and attentive. The food came at the perfect pace and we were never left wanting. It was honestly some of the best service I’ve had in a long time.

We had the set lunch menu (I highly recommend doing this) which is comprised of a variety of dishes with one course for £11, two courses for £15.50 and three courses for £20. There’s a lot of choice, which I find is sometimes lacking in a set menu, so you’re sure to love the sound of something! The menu changes seasonally, so you won’t find the same items on the menu all the time, but whatever they have it will certainly be great quality if our experience is anything to go by.

Trinity is a great place to go for lunch with friends or even for a big celebration. The food is fantastic and the service is great, so you’re sure to have an amazing time. I can’t believe how good the food scene is getting in Cambridge – it has completely transformed in the last 5 or so years – and for this to stand out, means that it must be something special.

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