Sunday River Walk in Cornwall

I love visiting the West Country.

I find Devon & Cornwall, in the south west of the UK, to be so green and lush, and their hilly landscape makes for a refreshing change from the flats of the Fenland around Cambridge.

I was lucky to get a few days to visit Cornwall, and my godmother, this summer, even if the heavens did decide to open on the day we headed down after 2 months of absolutely zero rain! However, the rain did give us some absolutely stunning greenery to walk amongst so I can’t really complain.

There’s a little area of woodland which I believe is called Stara Woods and through it runs the River Lynher. It’s a gorgeous spot to take a stroll, or walk your dogs, as you are completely surrounded by woodland and ferns. If it’s been raining, like it did with us, I’d recommend putting your wellies on, just in case!

Cornwall is packed full of gorgeous countryside, but I love being introduced to these little, ‘out of the way’ gems, where you get the whole place pretty much to yourselves.

It just makes for the perfect Sunday walk.

And to finish.....

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