Playing Mini Golf at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is one of the most enjoyable places I’ve visited, but the fun is not just contained within the parks! There’s a lot you can do within the resort itself without needing to buy an entry ticket to the four main sites. One of the numerous activities on offer here is mini golf.

I love mini golf and I always jump at the chance to play a round (check out my Swingers post). The best ones are the themed ones and Disney of course raises the bar when it comes to theming. They have two separate courses; Fantasia Gardens, based on the Fantasia film and located near The Swan and Dolphin hotels, and Winter Summerland, Santa’s elves’ vacation spot located next to Blizzard Beach water park. There are two 18 hole courses ($14 adults or $12 children (3-9) per course) at each so there’s a lot of competition to be had!

On our last trip we decided to try out Winter Summerland and as you would expect it had a winter course and a summer one, both based around vacation fun with a Christmas twist. We decided to take on the winter course and it was full of Disney, camping, skiing mishaps and snow castles. The elves sure had a lot of fun!

Some holes are beautifully decorated and just require you to play straight through, sometimes including a little surprise, but some are a little more complex and require you to be perfectly timed or aim like a pro! Some squirt you with water, some take your ball for a ride and a couple even have sound effects. Just make sure to read the poem at the beginning of each hole that give you a clue as to what you might find in store for you as you play.

We get way more Christmassy towards the end of the holes, as we arrive in an elaborately decorated house. There’s presents, a fireplace and stockings, and maybe by the last hole you’ll have caught a glimpse of Santa himself!

All in all it’s such a fun way to while away an hour or so and the course even sells treats at the end to celebrate your victory – or loss! I celebrated my win with a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream sandwich; a very delicious well deserved prize I might add!

If you think you might prefer something more ‘Disney’ then Fantasia Gardens is a perfect choice. Beautifully manicured gardens dotted with holes taken straight from the film itself. We played the easier 18 hole course that’s full of familiar characters and fun obstacles. The other course is called Fantasia Fairways, which is based on a real golf course only miniaturised and is more challenging.

I loved being able to play surrounded by ballerina hippos, the greek god Bacchus and all his wine, dancing mushrooms, and apprentice Mickey with his wizard hat. Even the brooms and the sorcerer himself make an appearance.

Walt Disney World has fun for all ages and the mini golf is no different. You’ll love it if you’re 10, 40 or 90. Winning is obviously the goal, but if you do lose, then the theming of these courses just might make you forget all about it and enjoy just having taken part….

What do you think of mini golf? Do you love to play it too?

Let me know below!

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