District Edit – Santiago de Surco

Santiago de Surco may not be the top foodie destination on everyone’s list (see Miraflores!), but it’s my local district and I’ve managed to find some great locations to eat, drink, shop and relax.

Surco is a very large district and therefore contains a huge variety of places to visit. It’s honestly a bit of a one stop shop for everything you could ever need! It also has some of the best green spaces in the district (apparently the district has won awards for its parks), and due to its location in the valley it even has the perfect climate to cultivate its own vineyards.

Surco Viejo (or ‘old Surco’) is a less developed area (and a lower socio-economic one too) and is located in the south of the district, but it houses the district’s main square (located outside one of the municipality buildings) and it’s where many festivals and celebrations take place. These festivities are a lot of fun to experience, however I would take more care if you happen to visit Surco Viejo than when visiting the more developed and modern areas in the north of the district (99% of my recommendations are in the north). Surco is a fabulous place to be explored and there are always new places to be discovered. It borders Miraflores on the west side so it’s an easy destination to visit from the main hotels and hostels if you happen to be staying there.

As always I have put together the same list on Google Maps (‘District Edit- Santiago de Surco’) for you to keep handy and to show you where everything on this list is located. Links for the different locations are available through the map and I hope this helps give you some inspiration for your next trip to Surco.

This is the link to the map to check out my recommendations and their location – https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/1ARtmRzY-peACSt2mC6LnpAe05Po?hl=en

Posada Monterrico


Yes, I’m actually going to recommend some accommodation. My parents have stayed here twice and it was fabulous both times. It’s a gorgeous house with rooms in both the main building and out in the grounds too, plus they have a pool, a treehouse and a peacock! It’s like staying in a jungle paradise, as the grounds are filled with trees, bushes and plants and it’s so tranquil. Just beautiful.



Gianfranco is a really lovely Italian cafe, coffee bar and restaurant, all thrown into one. It’s my go-to when I fancy a vegetarian (or prosciutto) pizza and a big bowl of creamy gelato. Try the pistachio, chocolate or gianduja.



I feel like I wax lyrical about this place, but they honestly have the best maki rolls in Lima. You cannot leave without visiting the branch on the corner of Encalada and Primavera, and make sure you sit at the sushi bar so you can watch the chefs do their magic!

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Parque de la Amistad


This park is a delightful spot to spend a sunny day. There’s a little train and boats on the small lake and they sell toffee apples on some of the stalls. It’s a great place to take a wander or chill out with a book, but if it’s a weekend or a holiday it’s a super popular destination for families with young children.

Jockey Plaza


My absolute favourite shopping centre in Lima as it’s home to all my favourite stores (they have a huge H&M including homeware). There are also a wide selection of places to eat, plus department stores, a cinema and supermarkets. It’s also a top spot to head when it’s Christmas, as they always have giant Christmas trees and they make it snow and you know I love that kind of thing.

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La Leche


(Not on the map- address below) This is a great spot for a calamari sandwich and fried rice with fish. Funnily enough I haven’t tried their ceviche yet, but I would definitely recommend these dishes! Grab a beer and eat all of the canchita (popped corn – not popcorn) while you’re waiting.

Calle Los Tulipanes 150, 2nd floor, Santiago de Surco, 15023 (the entrance is just inside the park)



The bakery of choice for many people in Lima because their individual rolls are scrumptious. Their pastel de choclo with cheese is one of my favourites in Lima. They also do their own dried pasta and pasta sauces (the nut sauce is to die for), which are a great option to take away.

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Chifa Buena Fortuna


This is an unassuming Chinese restaurant does a great set menu, especially if you want to take away. I always go for the pork with veggies in tamarind sauce and fried rice with pork too! So delicious and all for the bargain of s/15 (literally £3.50ish). So good.

Don Mamino


You guys, their muffins are so good. They also do lovely pastries and scrummy salads too. You can find branches all over Lima but I tend to frequent the ones in Surco more than anywhere else.

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El Chinito


Fried pork is a revelation and El Chinito does some of the best, if not THE best. You can just buy an individual sandwich, where the meat comes in a soft white roll with sweet potato slices and an onion salad, or you can buy by the kilo and put it all together yourself. Share with your family or scoff the lot yourself; who am I to judge?!

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Plaza de Armas (during festivals)


There is no reason to come here unless you’re heading to an event here. They normally celebrate Pisco Day, Vendimia, and there are often food festivals here too. Keep an eye on posters around the district, or the Municipality’s Facebook as that’s normally the way we find out about events that are on!

Museo Oro del Peru


No photos are allowed inside this museum located in a mainly residential area, but it’s full of treasures and jewels from the Inca and pre-Inca periods. There’s also a ‘Weapons of the World’ museum that is jam packed full of guns and swords from many different countries and many different eras. You’ll never believe that it used to be a private collection.

El Buen Gusto


Visit here if you’re after a little afternoon snack. Order a couple, or a box, of the alfajores with honey and you won’t regret it.

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Il Piccolo Pomodoro


This lovely Italian restaurants is another of my favourite places for a good pizza. They also do fabulous risotto and gnocchi, but I do love their pizza and it’s cooked right in front of you in their huge stone (clay?) oven. Delicious. Always book, as it’s always full.

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Mercado Eden


Surco is lucky to have two of these markets, and I go to the branch on Benavides if I’m looking for dried fruit and nuts as you can buy it much cheaper here than in the supermarkets. This same branch has a great selection of cupcake cases if you’re baking, pet supplies (collars, leads etc), and good affordable beef (the butcher on the right hand side next to the Benavides entrance is the one we use).

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I know, I know, it’s a chain restaurant available all across the world. What is so special? Well, we don’t have Chili’s anymore in the UK, so being able to get a frozen margarita and my beloved Chicken Crispers is just the best.



This is a lovely little Thai restaurant with a menu full of delicious dishes (I’ve never had a bad meal here) and a killer hierba luisa (lemongrass) lemonade. It’s small so booking at peak times is essential, and they’re closed on a Sunday.

Parks/ Green Spaces


Not a specific location, but you’ll find as you wander through Surco that there are so many parks and green spaces. Every neighbourhood has one, or twenty, and they’re such a perfect way to break up the apartment blocks and busy commercial areas. A lot of people have dogs here, so these green spaces are essential.

Laritza D’


This is actually a photo from their branch in Asia, but their ice cream is delicious wherever you find it. I would always recommend their chocolate amaretto and their Laritza flavour, which has caramelised pecans in. Yummmmm.

P.S. There’s also an outpost in Jockey Plaza if you happen to be visiting there too!

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A lovely little spot, mainly for take away, that serves up a delicious chocolate cake. They have plenty more on offer, so head in through the little archway and see what they have in the fridge that day.

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San Joy Lao


This is a big, popular restaurant for Chinese food and it was the first Chifa (Peruvian-Chinese) that I ever visited when I came to Lima. They serve huge portions and their duck with tamarind sauce is a great option, but you can never go wrong with fried rice!



I have never eaten anything savoury here, as we always come for dessert. My boyfriend has a soft spot for their souffle cake with chirimoya and their doughnuts filled with chantilly cream.



I constantly talk about Tanta and how much I love it here, and the Primavera branch in Surco is the best. Try the camu-camu juice, the ceviche, the tacu-tacu, the pastel de choclo, and definitely don’t leave without taking some Melate chocolate with you!

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El Piombino


This cafe is a lovely, and super popular, lunch spot with an affordable menu and delicious food. They have some of the best chips in Lima (freshly made and piping hot thick cut chips) and their shredded chicken croissant is a must when I go.

Bodega Inti


This little bodega on the corner of Av. Intihuatana is a great spot for empanadas. They only cost s/1.50 and the dough is some of the best I’ve tried. I normally buy two because one is never enough!



OK, so Plaza Vea is everywhere, but their bakery is my go to place when I just need a huge, fresh out of the oven, white baguette. They’re so good. I don’t mean like ‘France good’, but still some of the best you can get here, and they only cost s/1. Oh my days. To be honest, all their bread is good, so just go and thank me later.

And to finish.....

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