Saturday Mornings at the BioFeria

On Saturday mornings the BioFeria sets up on 15 de Enero, a road that runs alongside Parque Reducto No 2 in Miraflores. It’s an organic and eco market selling everything from fruit and veg to items made from Peruvian cotton.

There are dedicated fruit and veg stands where you can buy your weekly groceries, stands to buy different kinds of flours (purple corn, maca etc) and grains, stands for oils (sacha inchi, olive, coconut etc), and stands that sell wooden toys and cotton bags and clothing. It’s the place I go to buy proper oats as you only normally get the instant kind in the supermarket. I try and visit every few months and stock up on at least that!

If cheese is your thing, then there is a stall that sells primarily goats cheese, with all different kinds of mixes (herbs, tomato etc) and I think sometimes even goats cheese ice cream!

The chocolate one is delicious and you wouldn’t know it had a base of goats cheese, as there’s little to no tang.

The BioFeria is a great spot for finding ‘papas nativas’ or native potatoes. These come in amazing shapes, colours and sizes, and you can always find something different! So, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador have around 4,000 types of potatoes between them, so you can imagine the variety there is to be found.

If you get hungry doing your weekly shop then there a few spots selling ready made food so you can grab a slice of cake, a crepe or a dessert. Plus, there are also stalls that sell breakfast cereals and chewy bars with Andean grains like quinoa, kiwicha and canihua.

If you’re not interested in doing a weekly shop, then this would be the perfect place to grab supplies for a picnic in the park next door. You can pick up some bread, tomatoes, cheese, fresh fruit, and a couple of cakes and you are sorted!

If for any reason you can’t make it on a Saturday between 8am and 3pm, they also open alongside the Mercado Surquillo No 1 on a Sunday morning too between 9am to 4pm.

I definitely recommend a visit to this market to either get some delicious organic vegetables or fresh teas for your home, or perhaps to pick up some unusual grains, flours, herbs and oils that you may not find elsewhere in the world. Obviously check with your local customs what kinds of food you are allowed to bring into your own country before you buy anything as a souvenir to take home!!

BioFeria: Parque Reducto No. 2, Miraflores – Saturdays 8am-3pm // Mercado No 1, Surquillo – Sundays 9am-4pm

And to finish.....

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