Japan: Autumn Colours on Mount Takao

If you’re in the Tokyo area, Mount Takao is the perfect destination for seeing the stunning Japanese autumn foliage.

It’s like a magical fairytale world of fiery reds, golds and oranges.

I’m going to write a post all about how to visit Mt Takao as a day trip from Tokyo, and what to expect, but first I wanted to share how amazing it is during this autumn season. In the UK, December is a wintery month for us with Cambridge hitting -3 degrees my first day home, but parts of Japan are still in full autumn swing come the end of November/beginning of December.

With Japanese maples and gingko trees showing their incredible colours alongside a plethora of others, you’ve got a magnificent show on your hands. I visited so many gardens and parks while I was in Tokyo, but nothing beat Mt Takao when it came to the amount of colourful trees in one place.

It’s an absolute must-visit location and you can choose to hike as much or as little as you want. There’s a cable car or chair lift that takes you up part way (or back down again) and you can stay around at that level or walk up to the summit if you want. There are also a number of trails to choose between for those who fancy walking all the way up, or perhaps the more attractive option of hiking downhill!

It’s most definitely the perfect destination to visit or day trip to pick, especially during the autumn months. It’s super easy to get to, with direct trains out from Shinjuku station throughout the day. In my opinion, those autumn colours are absolutely worth it!

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