Peruvian Desserts – Turrón de Doña Pepa

turronTurrón is extremely popular here in Lima, and I guess throughout Peru too. There are different kinds of turrón (plain, chocolate…), but the one I am concentrating on is Turrón de Doña Pepa. Although this type of turrón is sold throughout the year, October is the month where you will see it the most. This is due to it being the celebratory sweet food for the procession of ‘Señor de los Milagros’ (the Lord of the Miracles) which takes place in October.

It was originally made by a lady as a thank you gift for the Lord of the Miracles during the annual processions she visited, and it has become a tradition ever since. (If you want to read more about the history of the Turrón de Doña Pepa, have a look at Peru Delights who explain more about it, and give you a recipe to make it yourself!)

Turrón de Doña Pepa is made up of sticks of pastry-style dough (normally about 3-layers deep), stuck together with a certain variety of honey or syrup, and sprinkled with brightly coloured hundreds and thousands, sprinkles and/or candy pieces. The amount of sprinkles used basically shout out ‘I am a party in a dessert’.

The pastry is flavoured with aniseed, and the honey is also flavoured, but this time with acidic fruits like orange and pineapple. The honey is syrupy and very sticky, but alongside an unsweetened pastry, they make the perfect combination. A very tasty sweet treat that can be eaten all the year round, not just in October!

Where would I recommend in Lima to eat Turrón de Doña Pepa?

1. Pasteleria San Martin This pasteleria is located on the north side of Plaza San Martin in downtown Lima. Their turrón is on display just outside and you can purchase by weight. It is incredible, and the first time I went I was lucky enough to be able to eat it amazingly fresh and therefore still slightly warm. A-ma-zing. They cover their turron with sprinkles and also with giant brightly coloured candy pieces too (see the picture above). They also put it in a box for you wrapped in paper and tied with a bow. A great gift to give to someone……or perhaps just a git for yourself!

Av. Nicolas de Pierola 987-991 (on the north side of Plaza San Martin towards the corner that meets with Jr Carabayo)

2. Turrones San Jose  Their turrón is also very good and much easier to find, no matter where you are in Lima, due to the large number of stores they have throughout the city (you can check their website to find your nearest branch). These guys are also a fan of the large candy sprinkles on top of the normal hundreds and thousands!

There are many locations but one of these is – Av. Benavides 4113, Santiago de Surco

An honorary mention….

Plaza Vea Before you judge me, try their turrón. They may be a supermarket, but their turron is pretty awesome (as are their chocolate croissants). No giant sprinkles but a lot of sticky, fruity syrup (that probably explains why I like it so much). I believe it is about S/.13 per kilo, so its pretty good value for money!

Too many locations to count so search within this list for the nearest option.

And to finish.....

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