Where To Begin?

A Long Way From Home

My parents would always tell me that I was never an in-between person. I was either a lover or a hater, none of this liking business. A bit like Marmite; you either love it or you hate it. They said I never did anything by halves, and they were right.

Around this time last year I took a once in a lifetime trip (or so I thought) on my own to Peru. But whilst I was there I met an amazing Peruvian guy, and the original two week trip turned into three, then I was back again for another six, and now here I am in my fifth month of moving here. I had fallen head over heels, and not just with the country. In less than six months I had made the decision to drop everything in England and move over 6,000 miles away to Peru the following year.

As you can probably tell, that is where the ‘Love’ comes in; but what about the ‘Lima’ part? Well thats my slice of Peru now, my new home. I believe that you cannot truly experience this city in a few days; it takes a while for you to find the hidden gems. In my first visit, I was sceptical about actually living here, as I’d only experienced Lima life for maybe four days, but the longer I stayed the more I liked it. The food, the colours, the culture, and the Peruvians themselves, who are some of the most welcoming people I have encountered. Of course, like every city, there are parts I wish were different or less dangerous. And yes, I would even change some of the superficial things; like the fact that I would like to be able to buy cheap peanut butter and really good bacon, or even cycle after dark (I am from Cambridge after all). There are things that get lost in translation too, like recipes from home that don’t turn out quite how I had hoped, because the ingredients aren’t the same. Believe me, I’ve produced watery pancakes and chocolate cakes that won’t rise; it all takes some getting used to! ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’, however, is something that has translated nicely. Like me, it has travelled from its roots in Europe to the pastelerías of Peru, and its still just as delicious. In fact,  I am a little obsessed with the desserts and bakeries here.

OK, scratch that, I’ve always been obsessed; anywhere. Give me a good slice of pie, a piece of cake, a chunk of bread, or a bowlful of some form of melting chocolate dessert and I’m a happy lady.


And Peru does not disappoint.

Essentially, this blog is a way to introduce you to Lima and the rest of Peru; to share some awesome places to visit (for when you decide to travel over this way); and to show you some of the mouthwatering food that is out here. It’s also for me to ramble about things I love and whinge about others, wherever in the world it comes from.

Read and enjoy, preferably whilst eating some kind of cake….or a bacon sarnie.

And to finish.....

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