Astrid & Gastón

Last week a friend of ours was playing with his band in Astrid & Gastón.

We’ve been lucky enough to have eaten there 3 times before (once in their previous location in Cantuarius), but we couldn’t  pass up another opportunity.

Astrid & Gastón is the brainchild of Gastón Acurio, the super famous Peruvian chef and businessman, and Astrid Gutsche, his wife, partner and a pastry chef in her own right. The restaurant is ranked at number 2 out of all of the restaurants in Latin America and is ranked at number 18 in the world. Peruvian restaurants are being ranked higher and higher on an international scale, which for me is a reflection of how good the cuisine is in Peru. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the cuisine has always been good, but over recent years it has been getting the recognition it surely deserves.

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I ♥ Lima // Top 10 Places to Visit (Part 5)

Feliz Día del Amor y la Amistad!

I much prefer this to the term ‘Valentine’s Day’, because it means Happy Love and Friendship Day. This makes me feel that anyone and everyone can celebrate and give thanks for those that are special in their lives, whether it be their boyfriend, brother, extended crazy family, their friends or even their tortoise. Who am I to judge, seeing as I can give thanks for all of those…even the tortoise.

We have reached the final day and I have a bumper pack for you today, with numbers 8,9 and 10, and these 3 I’m recommending to everyone, not just visitors. There aren’t any tourist-y bits, but there is a bit of something for all of you!


Las PlayasDuring the Summer months, sometimes the heat and humidity in the city can be too much and the Limeños escape to the beaches. Although the city itself is on the coast, I’m pretty sure it’s only surfers that brave those waters that border the city. Everybody else heads south on the Panamericana to the beach towns between about km 40 and km 95.

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I ♥ Lima // Top 10 Places to Visit (Part 2)

My post yesterday did seem to be the launch of my Lima Appreciation Society! Or, in other words, for me to share the things that I think you as visitors will love about Lima, and all in time for Valentine’s Day. I will say the following again incase you missed yesterday!

These Top 10 places are by no means the only 10 places that are great in Lima, and my choices are fairly general (mainly because I have lots of favourites so I’m grouping them!). There may even be better places that I have not visited yet, but for now this is what I would recommend to get you started.

I am going to share a few per day so that I can go into detail if necessary without drowning you in information! However today (Tuesday) will have only 1 as it is a fairly in depth section.

I also want to point out that these are mainly for people visiting Lima and not for people who already live here! I wouldn’t see many residents checking out a lot of the tourist spots, but who knows, maybe you will all be inspired!

So, here we go with number 3!


MirafloresThis is in fact an entire district of Lima, but it has a lot of greatplaces to spend some time. It is also the most popular place for tourists to stay within Lima too, so I will lay out the top highlights.

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Fiestas Patrias! Feliz 28 de Julio Perú!

Happy Fiestas Patrias!

Today is Peru’s Independence Day; 192 years of independence to be precise! And with this national holiday already in full swing, I bet you are thinking ‘What can I do to join in the fun?’. Well there is plenty going on in Lima, the rest of Peru, and even across the pond, so if you feel like celebrating, here are a few ways to enjoy and celebrate a great nation!

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