A Few Favourites and Future Plans

Hello! It’s been a while!

I hope you’ve all been well and enjoying the last few weeks! I know I’ve been a little bit absent in posting, but I promise I’ve got the best reasons….

I flew back into the UK just last week and I’m actually going to be staying quite a while here! Although I’m super excited and happy to be home, the week before I left was a little stressful and full of all the emotions, saying my goodbyes (temporary of course!) to my friends and partner’s family out there, as I knew I wouldn’t be back in Peru for a fair few months. I then spent the majority of the following week in Canada visiting a good friend and as much as I thought I could schedule myself some posts for these weeks, I just did not get ahead of the game! Too much to do and organise!

However, I am back posting again, so you’ll be seeing some Toronto and Ontario posts in the near future, plus a little trip I made on my first Sunday home full of spring vibes, including little lambs skipping around, daffodils and blossom! Super English.

Anyway, seeing as I haven’t written in a while I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve been loving over the past few weeks (and probably the months prior too…) to fill in the gap since I last posted. What have you guys been enjoying recently? Any recommendations for me?


There’s a few places that I’ve found myself returning to week after week during my last couple of months in Peru.

Ana Avellana is my fave bakery which I constantly rave about, and you can read all about it this post here.

Tanta is one of my all time favourite Peruvian restaurants in Lima and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience here. Anything you order here should be good, but I highly recommend their pastel de choclo, aji de gallina, and causa de pollo, plus it’s where I take everyone who visits me!

Aci Gusto (Jr. Cd Real off Av. Pedro Venturo) is a new discovery for me, but it makes me smile just to think about it. It’s a ‘set menu’ restaurant with the most fantastic meals for the price (only s/12-15 or £3-3.50 ish for a starter, main and unlimited refrescos or refreshing fruit drinks). They serve up everyday traditional Peruvian dishes for people on their lunch breaks (think Peruvian home cooking/comfort food) and they make one of the best tacu tacu I’ve ever tasted, and a fantastic huancaina sauce too.

Lastly, my favourite chifa (Chinese-Peruvian restaurant) Buena Fortuna (on Av. Benavides), where they offer a great set meal for only s/17 including the best arroz chaufa (fried rice). We always order delivery and I always go for the chancho con tamarindo (tamarind pork), which comes with a ton of sweet nabo, but their pollo cinco sabores is also delicious.

I just couldn’t leave without visiting these places multiple times!


Star Trek Discovery has been a weekly must watch for us over the last few months. Each week it just gets better and better and I actually think I’ve loved this season more than the first. We’re also re-watching Next Generation, which of course is fantastic (Team Picard & Riker forever), and you all need to watch it.

Pokémon XY & XYZ. I do love me a little bit of Pokémon viewing on a daily basis and these series just knocked it out of the park. The animation is beautiful, the storyline is great, the characters really evolved and despite the voice changes from the earlier seasons, I bloody loved it.

Kingdom is a South Korean series set in Korea’s medieval period. It’s all about the spread of an undead plague, conspiracies, politics, power and survival. It is awesome. It’s unlike any other zombie/undead show I’ve seen, mainly due to its setting, and I definitely recommend watching it in the original language with subtitles.

I’m rewatching some of the Marvel films before Avengers: Endgame comes out next week, so I’ve been enjoying Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Age of Ultron all over again (all amazing – you should watch). However, I finally got around to watching the Ant Man films a couple of weeks ago, due to his importance in Endgame) and I can’t explain why I waited so long to do so! Paul Rudd was obviously a great choice for the lead (on an unrelated topic – he never seems to age…) and the films are so funny, so definitely watch even if you’re not a big Avengers/superhero film fan. I also went earlier this week to see the fabulous Brie Larson kick some ass in Captain Marvel. So good you guys. Plus, I was just so happy to see a lot of Nick Fury again!

I’ve been binge-watching Grimm on and off since back in November and I’m still loving it. I had to stop myself from watching entire seasons in only a few days and start rationing it so I didn’t run out of episodes! It’s based loosely on the Brothers Grimm’s fairytales and crosses them with a police procedural (kind of) and it’s such an interesting concept for a series. It might take a couple of episodes to suck you in, but once you have been you’ll be hooked!


Toronto !!! I love this city so much. This was my third visit, although my first was only an evening, but there’s something about Toronto (aside from my friend!) that just keeps pulling me back. Canadians are genuinely the friendliest, nicest, most hospitable people and I always enjoy my visits here so much. The food in Toronto is awesome, because it’s such a melting pot of cultures, and I always eat way too much when I come. This time, I also got to explore more of Ontario which I thoroughly enjoyed and I can’t wait to go back and see some more of it!

Wyken Vineyard in Suffolk will be featured in an upcoming post, but I wanted to include it because I had the best time here at the weekend. I had absolutely no idea we made wine in East Anglia and after tasting a few of their wines I was overly impressed! However, it’s not just wine that makes this place special, they also have little lambs frolicking around at the moment (which is just too adorable), gorgeous gardens to walk round, a yummy cafe, a lovely shop, and even a couple of llamas!

If you guys have any recommendations for me, just leave me a comment below! I just love finding out about new places for food or awesome series to watch. See you soon!

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