Christmas Gift Guide – Food & Drink

Welcome to my fifth and final gift guide and I think I might have saved the best until last!

I’ve already shared my gift guides for people who love hosting parties, for those looking to make some eco-friendly changes in their lives, for those who love to cook or experiment in the kitchen and for those who love to travel. So if you haven’t seen those, and think they might be perfect for someone you know, then click on the links to take a look!

As I said in my last guide, for me, Christmas is not about the gifts. However, sometimes you do want to get somebody a special something, or perhaps you need to (like for Secret Santa or a December birthday), so I thought I would put together some little lists for inspiration. I find other people’s lists and recommendations so useful and even if I don’t purchase anything from them, they often give me an idea for something I hadn’t thought of before.

My next guide is for those who love to eat and drink, or perhaps you just want a few stocking fillers or additional gifts. I have tasted almost all of these items already and would highly recommend them, and then I’ve added a couple that I would be thrilled to receive myself! There are a wide range of price points on here from £2.49 to £45, so there’s something for everyone; from your colleagues to your travel buddy. I’ve included all prices at the time of writing, so you get an idea of price point before you click.

All of these products are for English sites, however you can obviously search for these on your own country’s site instead, and if that’s not possible, then some stores will even ship worldwide. (As I’m between two continents I have tried to share larger stores that are more likely to post to multiple countries, however sometimes this is just not possible!)

DISCLAIMER: The links below not only take you to the product page of the items, but they are also the links to where the photos in the gift guide came from too. None of these photos are my own, so I’ve made sure to link them all below.

Happy browsing!

1. Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles 245g (Dancing Ballerina version) // Charbonnel et Walker – £27

I have received these as a gift a couple of times now and have been so delighted by them. The flavour is rich and creamy and the balance between chocolate, caramel and sea salt is perfect. Delish.

2. Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Orange with Malt Whisky Marmalade // Waitrose – £2.79

I gave this as a gift a while ago now, but I find that some kind of preserve is a great gift, as it’s something that will last a good few months after Christmas. The combo of whisky and marmalade is a popular one, but there are tons of other flavours out there!

3. Georgie Porgie’s Christmas Pudding collaboration with Liberty London // Liberty London – £19.95 (on sale £9.97) or Georgie Porgie’s site (without wrapping in picture) – from £3.49 (up to £28.50)

I tried these puddings at Bath Christmas Market last year and the variations on steamed puddings they had were scrumptious. This specific one is just a traditional pudding, but I love that by collaborating with Liberty they have upgraded the humble Christmas pud to something with a bit more flair!

4. Monkey 47 Gin // Waitrose – £45

This is probably my favourite gin. I know I’m being an English gin traitor (this is made in Germany), but I just love the botanicals in this gin (there are 47 of them after all!) and the flavour they bring. It’s slightly fruitier and sweeter than a lot of gins I’ve had the pleasure of drinking and it’s super smooth too. Highly recommended!

5. Nutcracker Biscuit Tin // Biscuiteers – £35

Yep, this is a lot of money for a box of biscuits, but they are so beautifully decorated. The Biscuiteers are a bit of a London institution and they even give classes on how to do iced biscuits like this yourselves! It may be a little pricey, but I do think it would make a very special gift for someone. Take a look at their site for more biscuit options!

6. Christmas Spices (pictured – Star Anise from Spice Kitchen) // £?

I haven’t put a price on this one, as it depends where you purchase! This is just a little filler idea for someone who not only loves to eat, but to bake and cook too. If not, you could always gift them star anise to garnish the cocktails I posted yesterday! Plus, it will make their present or stocking smell fantastic.

7. Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter (picture) // Tiny Rebel

This is definitely one of my favourite beers and you can find it sold all over the country in many a specialist drinks shop. It’s a porter, but it’s been made with marshmallows and I think the sweetness cuts perfectly through the its dark depths. They recently updated it to a slightly stronger Imperial Porter, complete with their mascot dressed as a Storm Trooper on the label, which is also cracking.

8. Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Coins // Divine – £2.49

Christmas just isn’t complete without chocolate coins, and these fairtrade ones from Divine will up the game from just your regular supermarket ones. Plus, you’re helping cocoa farmers get a better deal, so its win-win really.

9. Cheese – Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar 454g from The Truckle Cheese Company & Traditional Potted Stilton 350g Jar (picture now updated) from Fortnum & Mason (smaller sizes available) // £8.95 & £21.50

Cheese is the best gift and what could make it more special than buying some fabulous ones. Wookey Hole cheddar was our cheese of choice for the Christmas cheeseboard and it was spectacular. The cheddar flavour was intense and perfectly strong enough. Or, if you prefer something with slightly fancier packaging, then check out the range of potted cheeses from Fortnum & Mason. You don’t just get the cheese, but the beautiful jar it comes in as well. Now, I’m not a stilton fan, but I know plenty of people in my family who would definitely appreciate this is a gift!

10. Drinking Chocolate 300g // Charbonnel et Walker – £8

Hot chocolate is a winter, and Christmas, staple. Even in Peru, where it’s summer and well over 20 degrees, they can’t resist a hot chocolate with their panetón (panettone). I’ve not tried this one specifically, but if their drinking chocolate is as good as their truffles (see number 1) then I’m sold!

11. Danilo Manco Vellutato White Balsamic Dressing (picture – it’s actually now different) // The Olive Oil Company via Selfridges – £14.49 200ml

Best. Balsamic. Ever. Honestly, just go to Borough Market and try some at The Olive Oil Company’s stall. You will not be able to leave without buying a bottle. We always bring some back to Peru with us and we ration it like crazy. It’s perfect with bread, but also drizzled carefully (obviously) on top of fresh strawberries. Oh my days.

12. Hotel Chocolat Chocolates (pictured – Milk to Caramel Sleekster) // Hotel Chocolat – pictured £22.95

Just the perfect one stop shop for everyone’s gifts. They do small boxes for a great Secret Santa gift, to huge boxes and hampers for that chocolate lover in your life. They also do lots of interesting chocolate flavoured or infused products, like beer, liqueurs, cocoa gin and even Christmas pudding. They’ve got great stocking fillers, like their ‘tiddly pots’ which come decorated with a different Christmas ‘character’ for each flavour of chocolate buttons. I love love love their chocolate and there is something for everyone and every price point. The one I’ve pictured above is a wonderful box that I tried (well, the smaller version) recently and adored. Everything is so good here.

Happy shopping!

And to finish.....

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