Mint Chocolate Biscuit Bites

Mint and dark chocolate has to be one of my favourite flavour combinations.

Plus, peppermint and chocolate is everyone’s Christmas favourite, right?!

I love to buy chocolate mint creams all year round, but I feel like in December I just doubly love to have them in the house. They make me feel all festive. This recipe came about because I wanted to make my own mint creams, but then I got cravings for tiffin and rocky road, which are pretty biscuit-y, so I thought why not combine them (but in a much simpler way)?

These lovely little bites are actually just two ingredients, plus topping, and therefore super easy to whip up for people coming round to your house for hot chocolate, or you can even gift them to people when you visit them. They’re also the perfect recipe to make with children (with supervision – hot water/chocolate involved), which just brings back all the baking Christmas memories for me from all those moons ago. If your kids make them, they could always use them as an end of term teacher’s gift….

So many options!!

Or, you could just make a batch and eat them all by yourself while watching *insert favourite Christmas film here*. Yes.


100g dark chocolate (could also be milk chocolate if you like them sweeter)

3 mint cream chocolate sandwich biscuits (as in a mint filling sandwiched by two chocolate biscuits) – In Peru I used the mint Casino Black biscuits. They worked perfectly.

Toppings –  I used a couple of crumbled up soft red and white mints to top mine, but crushed candy canes would work perfectly here too.

(Flavourless oil for greasing)


Makes about 10 bites depending on the size of your moulds.

1. Crush your biscuits into a fine sandy rubble, but don’t worry if you get some little clumps. I managed to crush mine inside the bag without much escaping, but if you don’t want to find biscuit crumbs in weird places in the days to come, just pop them on a plate/board/kitchen side and crush them with the end of a rolling pin.

2. Crush your mints into a sprinkleable size.

3. Prepare your mini muffin tin or moulds by ever so slightly greasing them with a tiny amount of flavourless oil. (My muffin tin was non-stick, but I was worried the bites would get stuck and this seemed to make them pop out with ease.)

4. Melt your chocolate in a bowl over some hot water or in a bowl in the microwave.

5. Once melted, remove the bowl from the pan/microwave and add the crushed biscuits to the chocolate. Mix well.

6. Pour into a mini muffin tin or chocolate moulds and top with the crushed mints.

7. Pop into the fridge until set.

8. Tip the pan upside down and give each mould a tap and the chocolates should fall out, but if not just ease the edge of each one with the tip of a knife.

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