December Goals

Yes! December is finally here!

It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about and planning for Christmas for a while already, but I guess now it’s socially acceptable. Christmas season is my absolute favourite time of the year, with all of the fun activities, seasonal food, festive films and music, and time with the family. However, this year will be a little different as I’m not going to be celebrating it at home. This year it’s Christmas in Peru, so I’ll be needing to bring some of my English traditions here. I mean, I can’t possibly have Christmas without mince pies and roast potatoes!

So, what are my hopes and plans for this December….

1. I’ll definitely be doing a lot of Christmas baking and cooking. It’s one of my favourite things to do at this time of year as there is just so many delicious recipes to squeeze in! Mince pies, red cabbage with apple, crispy roast potatoes, gingerbread biscuits, anything with melted cheese….and so on, and so on, and so on.

2. I’m looking for some fun Christmas activities to do in Lima, but they really don’t do a whole lot of festive entertainment here outside of the shopping malls and the occasional theatre production. I’m on the hunt though, and so far I’ve found a concert of some of the music from the Nutcracker, which sounds right up my street! Also, I think there’s a wine tasting that we’ll definitely pop over to. Fingers crossed there will be some more on the cards…

3. I’m planning on eating a lot, as is per usual for me in December, but as it’s summer, this may not be as easy! I’ll definitely be drinking hot chocolate and eating panettone, as that’s a big custom here in Peru for Christmas, and then I’m hoping my boyfriend’s mum makes her glazed sweet potato with orange, which is just divine. It’s also time for quince sauce here, which I love with a slice of hard cheese, and I’ll obviously be making lots of treats at home too.

4. With a bowl of popcorn and some Christmas cocktails, I want to try and watch all of my favourite Christmas films during December. I don’t always find the time to see all of them, but this year I’m going to stay on top of it!

5. I’m actually challenging myself to post every other day on the blog during December up until Christmas, which might prove tricky, but I’m going to do my best! I’ve been organising it during November, so fingers crossed it all goes to plan. I’m excited to see if I complete my ‘Blogmas’ goal!

I’m not very good at embracing Christmas in summer, but I’m definitely going to give it my all this year and combine my favourite traditions with a completely different season. I have done it a couple of times before here in Peru and missed the wintery Christmas of England a lot, but I think this year we’ll find the happy balance. I’ve even brought some comforts from home that I can’t get here to make my transition easier!

What have you all got planned for December?

And to finish.....

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