Christmas Gift Guide – The Home Chef

Welcome to gift guide number three!

I’ve already shared my gift guide for people who love hosting parties and for those looking to make some eco-friendly changes in their lives, and we’re continuing on with another today.

As I said in my last guide, for me, Christmas is not about the gifts. However, sometimes you do want to get somebody a special something, or perhaps you need to (like for Secret Santa or a December birthday), so I thought I would put together some little lists for inspiration. I find other people’s lists and recommendations so useful and even if I don’t purchase anything from them, they often give me an idea for something I hadn’t thought of before.

My next guide is for those who love to cook or maybe think of themselves as some kind of a home chef. I own a few of these items (some from different brands) and would highly recommend, and then some I would absolutely love for myself. My list to Father Christmas is growing! There is a wide range of price points from £1.85 to £69 (I also popped a little pricey one in here at £155 if you’re so inclined!), so there’s something for everyone; from your teacher to your favourite sibling. I’ve included all prices at the time of writing, so you get an idea of price point before you click.

All of these products are for English sites, however you can obviously search for these on your own country’s site instead, and if that’s not possible, then some stores will even ship worldwide. (As I’m between two continents I have tried to share larger stores that are more likely to post to multiple countries)

DISCLAIMER: The links below not only take you to the product page of the items, but they are also the links to where the photos in the gift guide came from too. None of these photos are my own, so I’ve made sure to link them all below.

Happy browsing!

1.  Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole // Le Creuset – £155

This is at the top of my brother’s list this year and it has been on my wishlist for a long time. When I lived in England I used to borrow my grandma’s when I wanted to make a stew and my mum uses hers constantly. They are so good. Pricey, yes, but they last for decades, so your price per use will go down phenomenally. It’s an investment piece, so maybe this is a gift for yourself, or for someone super special.

2. The Roasting Tin: Rukmini Iyer // Amazon – £6

This book as at the top of my Christmas list this year (alongside Nigella’s Christmas). I love cooking, but I hate washing up, so this one tin cookbook is the one for me. There’s also The Green Roasting Tin if you know someone similar, but they don’t eat meat or they’re plant based.

3. Mini Food Processor // KitchenAid – £69

I’m recommending this, because I own one and it’s the best thing you could have in your kitchen. In Peru, it’s invaluable due to the high cost of certain sauces and spreads. I make my own peanut butter, pesto, and hummus among other things, as it’s so much cheaper than buying them here and I couldn’t do it without my mini processor. If you know someone who loves to make their own sauces, dips, spreads or even baby foods, then this is the ideal gift.

4. Star Double Copper Cookie Cutter // Borough Kitchen – £6

Christmas isn’t Christmas without biscuits, so this really is the perfect seasonal gift. However, unlike snowmen and snowflakes, you can use stars to make all kinds of biscuits all year long, and not just during the holiday season.

5. Lime Squeezer // Eddingtons (photo) via Amazon (price)  – £7.12

We use this kind of juicer daily in our house in Peru and it just makes juicing limes an absolute doddle. You can also buy them in different sizes too for lemons and oranges, so whichever citrus you use the most, there’s a squeezer for you!

6. Ruby Pudding Basin // John Lewis – £6

In England, the Christmas pudding is where it’s at for dessert on the big day, and this pudding basin would be the perfect mould for the job. If Christmas pudding isn’t your cup of tea, then you can use this for all kinds of other steamed sponge puddings (my mum has a cracking golden syrup sponge recipe that would work well here). Or maybe you just think it looks nice and you want to use it to beat your morning eggs in. Either way, it’s a pretty useful item to have in the kitchen.

7. Maldon Sea Salt // Various supermarkets – 250g from £1.85

This is a lot of chef’s favourite salt to use both in the UK and on the other side of the pond as it really has the most wonderful flavour and texture to cook with. It’s also great for recipes like salted caramel and to sprinkle on chocolate cookies too.

(If you happen to be in Peru, then a great salt they have here to cook with is Sal de Maras)

8. Stainless Steel Container // IKEA – £9

This may seem like an odd one, but I’ve seen these used for kitchen gardens. Buy a herb plant like basil or rosemary and pop it inside for the perfect indoor herb garden!

9. Bake Set // Falcon Enamelware (picture from Heal’s – out of stock) – £64

You can buy smaller sets than this one, but this has a tray for every occasion. Think pies, roast potatoes, meat and fruit crumbles. Maybe I’ll put this on my Christmas list too!

10. 16 Jar Hudson Filled Herb & Spice Carousel // Cole & Mason via Amazon – £24.87

If you know someone that loves to add tons of spices and herbs to their cooking then this could be for them. There are sets with less spices and some with more and even if you don’t want the spices inside, the price is good enough to buy the set and refill them with the recipients favourites instead!

11. Terracotta Patterned Tagine // John Lewis – £35

My mum has a tagine that we bought for her a fair few years back and she still uses it now. You can make the tagine recipe in a regular pot, but I love how the these can be used for cooking and serve ware at the same time. From oven to table in seconds!


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