Christmas Gift Guide – Eco-Friendly

Welcome to gift guide number two!

I’ve already shared my gift guide for people who love hosting parties, which you can find here, and we’re continuing on with another today.

As I said in my last guide, for me, Christmas is not about the gifts. However, sometimes you do want to get somebody a special something, or perhaps you need to (like for Secret Santa or a December birthday), so I thought I would put together some little lists for inspiration. I find other people’s lists and recommendations so useful and even if I don’t purchase anything from them, they often give me an idea for something I hadn’t thought of before.

My next guide is for those who want to make little changes in their everyday lives to help save the planet. Items that help to cut out plastic or at least reduce the amount we use day to day, plus they all look super pretty too, which means they mix practicality with style! There are a few items on here that I already own and can highly recommend and then some which I think look like great options. There is a wide range of price points from £2.39 to £35 (the majority are under £10), so there’s something for everyone; from a work colleague to your best friend. I’ve included all prices at the time of writing, so you get an idea of price point before you click.

All of these products are for English sites, however you can obviously search for these on your own country’s site instead, and if that’s not possible, then some stores will even ship worldwide. (As I’m between two continents I have tried to share larger stores that are more likely to post to multiple countries)

DISCLAIMER: The links below not only take you to the product page of the items, but they are also the links to where the photos in the gift guide came from too. None of these photos are my own, so I’ve made sure to link them all below.

Happy browsing!

1. KeepCup (photo from Amazon) // KeepCup- from £7 (the design pictured is £20 from KeepCup or £16 on Amazon)

If you know someone who drinks a lot of coffee or tea and are always purchasing take away cups, then maybe a KeepCup is the gift for them. The inside of the majority of coffee cups are lined with a kind plastic that can’t be recycled so having a reusable one is perfect for avoiding that problem. Plus, a lot of cafes and coffee shops give you money off when you bring your own takeaway cup, so there’s another added bonus. It might even encourage the recipient to make their own coffee in the mornings for their KeepCup and save them even more money. I love that you can also design your own KeepCupfor the perfect colour combo!

2. Carrinet Veggio Reusable Fruit & Veg Storage Bags x 5 // Lakeland – £6.99

This may not be the most stylish of gifts, but they’re damn useful. You can use them when shopping at the supermarket, as they’re clear (no more of those little plastic baggies), but also to store food in at home. The mesh they’re made from means that the air circulates around them far better than in a plastic bag, which in turn means less food waste and longer lasting veggies, which we all want. No one likes a limp lettuce.

3. Stainless Steel Metal Drinking Straws x 8 // Amazon – £8

If you know someone who loves frappuccinos, fizzy drinks, long cocktails or milkshakes and is always drinking from a straw, why not pick them up some metal ones? They can be washed easily (they even come with a skinny long brush) and come in both bent and straight designs depending on their preference.

(I’ve linked the UK version, and I’m sure they’re the same, but I actually ordered mine from the US (link here).)

4. S’Well Stainless Steel Water Bottle (design – white marble 500ml) // Selfridges – from £35 on this site.

I love my S’Well bottles and I use them every single day. They always keep my water cold for basically the whole day, even if they’ve been in a hot car or on my bedside table for the night (click here to find out more about the science behind them). They are magical. They come in a ton of different designs from plain to patterned and in a few different sizes too. I honestly want one in every size and I highly recommend them as a fantastic gift. No more single use plastic bottles and they get a stylish bottle to carry around with them; win – win.

5. Christmas Tea and Globe Infuser // Whittards – Tea £10 and Infuser £5

Tea in a beautiful caddy like this one is such a lovely gift and when paired with an infuser makes for the most delicious, but practical, present. Giving them the infuser too, means that your friend or family member can enjoy their tea right away (well, maybe later in the day with a mince pie…. or seven) without having to wait to purchase their own. Christmas tea is obviously a seasonal touch, but the gift could easily be adapted to be a classic English Breakfast or Earl Grey, or even their fabulously fruity favourite one. Tea leaves in a tin don’t contain plastic, unlike the majority of tea bags, so while being a pretty gift, it’s also more environmentally friendly.

6. Bee’s Wrap Food Wraps x3 // Lakeland – £19.99

Does someone you know like to cook a lot? Maybe these bee’s wax wraps could be an interesting gift for them. Instead of using cling film or plastic bags, you can use these to wrap up food for the fridge or for their packed lunch. They come with a cute honeycomb design and are completely reusable, as you can wash them. It sticks to itself just by using the heat from your hands, so your food is completely sealed in and protected.

7. Biodegradable Coffee Capsules – Eden Project – £3.50

Everyone knows a coffee fanatic, but I’m pretty sure everyone knows someone with a daily Nespresso machine habit too. These coffee capsules fit those machines, but they’re biodegradable instead. You can choose coffee from a selection of different countries and plantations (the one pictured is from Costa Rica), so there’s sure to be one to suit your coffee lover’s tastes!

8. Reusable Shopping Bags (Snowy Dogs – Cath Kidston & Cats – Ulster Weavers) – Dogs £8 and Cats £6

Reusable shopping bags are the most useful thing ever, especially since the big stores in the UK stopped giving plastic bags out for free. I have about 5 different ones, and I use them all for different reasons. I recently received one as a gift from a friend (it’s from Ulster Weavers) and it’s one of the best I have. It’s spacious and sturdy and can hold so much in it without it feeling strained. It’s the best for a supermarket shop. There are tons of designs and materials out there, but I’ve linked a couple above that I liked the look of; the Ulster Weaver one is the same style as mine and the snowy dogs one was just too cute and seasonal not to put up there!

9. Dark Chocolate with Cranberries & Hazelnuts // Divine – £2.39

I’m almost positive that chocolate hast to be one of the most gifted products, not just at Christmas, and I can’t help but lust after delicious looking bars and truffles in the shops all year round. While not being specifically eco-friendly, this gift is Fairtrade, which I think is something equally important. Divine specialise in producing chocolate that is 100% Fairtrade, which means that the cocoa farmers receive a good deal for their produce and therefore are more able to invest back into their communities. The cocoa farmers that Divine purchase from also have ownership in the company, so they receive a percentage of the profits. They have such a wide range of cocoa related products to choose from, but I loved this special festive bar with seasonal flavours and gorgeous packaging.

By giving eco-friendly products to your friends and family, you’re encouraging them to save the planet, like yourself. Plus, almost all of these products are super practical and look gorgeous too. It’s a win-win scenario! Happy shopping!

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