Swingers Crazy Golf

In the UK, January has to be one of the worst months of the year. After the 6th, nothing is festive anymore and the days are dark and cold most of the time with not a fairy light in sight. It’s also the month where you have to wait the longest to be paid, so it’s always the time to tighten your belt, so to speak.

However, I think the best way to shake those January blues is to go and find something fun to do. And, let’s be honest, crazy golf (alongside good food and drink) is definitely fun – with a bit of competition thrown in for good measure.

Swingers is a crazy golf course (for over 18s) right in the centre of London. They have one branch in the City, at the foot of The Gherkin, and in March this year they are going to open a second course just off Oxford Circus too.

This is The Gherkin. It’s easy to see why it’s called that, right? The City branch of Swingers is right next door, so it’s a good landmark to keep in your sights!

Both courses are 1920’s themed, with the City course being based on a traditional golf course in the English countryside, complete with windmill and lighthouse, and the Oxford Circus branch being based on the English seaside, kitted out with a bandstand, a big wheel and a helter skelter (not for riding obviously).

I’ve managed to visit the City branch twice and played on both of their courses (I can’t wait to visit the new one and play there too!). The Windmill course and The Lighthouse course are not too different from each other and equally entertaining, so whichever you decide on will be fine!

Both courses are 9 holes and each of the holes vary in difficulty. I’m super competitive and sure as hell like to win, but essentially it’s all in jest and it doesn’t matter if you get a hole in one or sink your ball in 20 tries. (Except it really does – it’s all about the winning, none of this ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ malarky. Eye on the prize people, eye on the prize.)

And the prize is delicious cocktails and excellent ‘street’ food.

There are 2 bars onsite offering a range of cocktails, beers, soft drinks etc and you can even get someone to deliver drinks to you out on the course if you fancy it!

The food section at the front comes in the shape of burgers from ‘Patty and Bun‘, Neapolitan pizza from ‘Pizza Pilgrims‘, and the newest addition ‘DF/Mexico‘, who serve up nachos and tacos. Patty and Bun and Pizza Pilgrims are both awesome, but I’m yet to try DF/Mexico, although who doesn’t love a good taco?!

I’ve only visited during the day, but at night they also have DJs cracking out tunes to accompany your jaunts around the fairway.

9 holes will set you back £13pp (including club, ball and scorecards obvs) but if you can get out of working and come before 5pm Mon- Thurs you can play for just £10. Not too much of a price to pay to liven up your January. On occasion, they have offers running, so sign up to their email list (the little envelope on the right hand side) and find out when you can play and eat for less! Just remember, the venue is over 18s only, so unfortunately you can’t plan this as a family activity if you have people in your party not old enough to drink.

If you’re the only one in your group who doesn’t enjoy crazy golf (what planet are you from?), then you’re in luck, as entry to the area is free, so you can sit back and relax with food and drink (an extra cost) whilst you wait for the rest of your party to play.

So, head to Swingers for fun and food on the fairway and banish those January blues until next year.

And to finish.....

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