Getting Festive at the Christmas Market in Bath

I love visiting Christmas markets, and I know I’m visiting at least four cities that have them this trip home. As a matter of fact, I’ll be in Munich when this post goes up visiting another Christmas market and loving the festive life.

Bath is a city that I fell in love with as a teenager so many years ago. Stunning buildings, delicious food and drink (cheese, sausages and beer is all you really need in life), fab shopping and their very own Christmas market.

This year was my first trip during the market and I was so excited to feel all festive and eat all the food samples. (I completed both of those targets in case you were doubting me….)

The market is dotted around the centre of town, mainly around the Abbey area. Lots of little wooden stalls line the streets and courtyards selling their various products.

But there was so much cheese. I must have eaten my body weight in cheese samples. I have no regrets.

Mulled cider, dried fruits, Christmas puddings, art work, baubles, wooden toys and even garlic. There’s just so much on offer and if you don’t leave with about 10 bags of things, you clearly aren’t doing it right!

Just kidding.

Although you should try all the mulled things. The local cider from Honey’s was especially delicious, and a perfect partner to all the cheese samples.

However, it’s not just the market that’s filled with festive goodies. We found a number of little boutiques and bigger stores selling all kinds of decorations for your home.

The Loft, Brissi, Vinegar Hill, and a little haberdashery on the corner of  George and Bartlett Streets are all great places to start.

I’m a little bit in love with these baubles from The Loft.

After all that shopping you absolutely need somewhere to fill you with scrumptious food.

I can recommend Bistrot Pierre for some fab French food and festive decor, or the Marlborough Tavern for gastropub fare, local cider (Honey’s), triple cooked chips and a damn fine chickpea and halloumi burger.

So if you don’t fancy heading out of the country during November/December then Bath is a fine bet for a fabulously festive weekend.

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