Winter Lights at Anglesey Abbey

It’s so good to be home for Christmas and winter because I just love the festive atmosphere in the UK. I guess it reminds me of my childhood and all the traditions we have gained over the years, but I find it hard being anywhere else at this time of year.

Something that has started to become a yearly tradition with my parents and me is visiting the Winter Lights walk at Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire.

Anglesey Abbey is a National Trust site that runs an ‘after dark’ event every year over 3 weekends.

They light up various areas of the gardens and buildings in interesting ways and set up a route to pass through them all.

There are music spaces, entertainment, and food and drink stops throughout the walk. Including sausages, hot chocolate, mulled wine and doughnuts, which is the wintery comfort food we all need.

Food aside, it’s also great fun to wrap up warm and head out for some crisp fresh air and a stroll in the countryside.

Also, as it’s held at the beginning of December (and end of November), it really gets you into the festive mood.

It’s not especially Christmassy (there’s no Father Christmas or reindeers), but the lights and trees together really give you a wintery, cheery feeling.

(Imagine this whopper of a star at the top of your tree!)

Unfortunately all nine nights have sold out for this year, but I thought I would share it with you so you can get in early for next winter!

Some lights look like little fireflies and some lights are incorporated with natural materials.

These would make for some fabulous baubles. Yes, okay, maybe they’re a little large but I’m sure I could make them work. Right?

Others are representations of nature, like snowdrops and birds, but are in fact made from recycled plastic milk bottles filled with lights.

Also, they showcase repurposing everyday objects can make for a fun artistic display.

Overall everything is just full of bright colours and it’s definitely one of those events that both children and adults will absolutely love.

So keep your eyes peeled on the National Trust website, get your tickets for next year and enjoy an evening full of winter fun!

And to finish.....

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