‘Death by Triple Chocolate’ Graveyard Sundaes

Happy almost Halloween everyone.

I’m pretty serious about the ‘Death by Triple Chocolate’ though. This dessert is extremely rich/sweet/sugary and it could cause some kind of sugar coma (maybe not death), but if you can’t eat a bunch of sweet stuff at Halloween, when can you?

I decided that I wanted to do a recipe that would be perfect for this time of year but still fit in with the weather here in Peru. I love ice cream sundaes and they can be perfectly adapted for absolutely any kind of occasion, holiday or colour scheme. It’s perfect for both children’s and adult’s Halloween parties, but it is sweet so do make it in a small glass/plastic container, not a normal sundae glass, if you don’t want uber hyper children!I thought of a few options, but I was completely inspired by this cake from the BBC Food website. It’s a graveyard sheet cake topped with gingerbread gravestones and Halloween themed gummy sweets. Being a chocolate lover, this was ideal for me and I decided to adapt it into an ice cream dessert.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, then there are so many other ways to theme your sundae for Halloween. You could do an all white version of vanilla ice cream topped with a meringue or marshmallow ghost; a vanilla ice cream with red fruit compote combination as a bit of a blood splatter theme; a mint choc chip sundae as a zombie or slime theme; or even an apple sorbet ‘poison apple’ style sundae. The freezer really is your oyster.

However, if you want to make the one I decided on then just follow the recipe below and prepare to amaze your guests at your Halloween bash!


These ingredients can be exchanged for others if you want, and the amounts will be to your taste or dependent on the size of your containers! Plus, they’re very easy to put together which is always a bonus….

Chocolate ice cream (try and find a darker chocolate to balance out the sweetness a bit!)

Chocolate filled biscuits ( I used chocolate filled Oreos as I love the taste but I would probably use bourbon creams if I was in the UK – the chocolate filling is better for the soil appearance)

Chocolate cake (homemade or shop bought)

Gravestone shaped biscuits (Peru- I bought Frac biscuits as they are the perfect shape when snapped in half)

Gummy worms (Peru – Trolli make gummy worms and they are delicious)

Plus: toothpicks, white paper, scissors, sellotape and a pen

Optional: White candyfloss (I wanted to use this as graveyard mist on the top of my sundae but I couldn’t get hold of any, so if you can, do it!)


  1. Crush your Oreos into crumbs inside a food bag, and crumble your cake into crumbs on a plate. Don’t make everything too finely ground, as you need a few lumpy bits for a true dirt texture.
  2. Take your containers/glasses and layer your Oreo crumbs, ice cream and cake crumbs. This can be done in any order but make sure your last two layers are ice cream and then cake crumbs on top. The cake crumbs need to cover the top completely.
  3. Push your gravestone shape biscuit into the back of the container in the centre, and then sprinkle some Oreo crumbs into the shape of a dug grave in front. If your cake is lighter than the Oreo crumbs then it makes a perfect contrast.
  4. Pop your containers into the freezer so the ice cream doesn’t melt.
  5. Take your white paper and cut out small rectangles that are slightly narrower than your gravestone biscuits. Write ‘R.I.P’ on the paper and perhaps your guests’ names if you are assigning one out to each person. Attach the paper to the top of a toothpick (opposite to the pointy end) using a tiny piece of sellotape.
  6. Poke the toothpick into each sundae just in front of the gravestone to look like the inscription. (You can do this with an icing pen, but my biscuits were pretty small, so it may be hard to fit a name on if you wanted to do that. Also, icing pens in Lima are hard to come by and fairly expensive so that’s another reason I avoided that option. We’re looking for easy and wallet friendly desserts here people!)
  7. When you want to serve the sundaes, remove them from the freezer and bury a couple of gummy worms either side of the grave. This is when you could add a little tuft of white candy floss, if you can find any, to add that spooky, misty look a Halloween graveyard always has!
  8. Serve to your amazed guests who think these little puddings would have taken you ages to construct, when really they were an absolute breeze.


And to finish.....

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