Sensational Butterflies

Last summer I went to the Natural History Museum in London to see their Sensational Butterflies exhibit, and luckily it seems to be an annual thing so it’s open again this year.

In the grounds of the museum, inside a large sealed tent are hundreds of butterflies and moths, from across the globe, flying freely around, fluttering around bushes, trees, flowers and even landing on the people walking around.

There are a number of different species of butterfly and moth that have arrived here from Central & South America, Africa and Asia.

Some are brown with giant ‘eyes’ on their wings, and others are a beautiful bright blue once their wings are open. There are also little stripy ones that flit around in groups, and some that look just like leaves.

You can also have a look at chrysalis (inside a protective case of course!) and see some of the butterflies that have just hatched, or perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to see one coming out at that moment. When I visited, a selection of the chrysalis were glistening gold and were just absolutely gorgeous.

At the end of the house’s pathway is a table of fruit where the butterflies gather to feed and your best bet for spotting a lot of the different species in one place.

Throughout the butterfly house there are members of staff and information boards full of facts and data on butterflies and moths, so it’s not only a beautiful, relaxing place but educational too!

The butterflies float and fly around almost silently, every so often brushing past you. It’s an enchanting experience that I would absolutely recommend to do if you happen to be in London before September 17th. Maybe even this Bank Holiday Weekend?

And to finish.....

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