Brewpub Wicks – An English Pub in the Heart of Barranco

Wicks is an English pub in the heart of Lima brewing and serving up traditional British style beers and pub grub, and it truly makes me feel like I’m back at home.

It’s owned and run by an English native, the staff all speak English, and the bar is usually lined with expats watching the day’s sport on TV (they show all England rugby and football matches). This is by no means the Irish/British style pub you find in every city around the world filled with tourists, but instead it’s a place that has the feeling you get in the majority of village pubs throughout England. A lot of locals, cosy spaces, delicious food, and great beer.

The decor is reminiscent of a traditional English pub, but with a slight modern twist. Heading inside you’ll find wooden beams, leather sofas, and brick walls, but also modern lighting, sports on flatscreen TVs and wi-fi.

I love the little trinkets from the UK dotted about such as a photo of Marmite, a red London bus, and even books about Stout and Blackadder!

Now, I wouldn’t normally recommend an English place for English tourists visiting another country, it seems silly. However, this place serves up a good selection of national craft beers alongside Wicks’ own beer (it’s my favourite in Lima) so it is a great location to try some local products. For expats though I do highly suggest you go and visit. Have some beer, some fish and chips and catch up with another local, or perhaps watch your favourite team on the TV, and whisk yourself back to as close as you can get to England for a little while.

Even though I’m the English one in my relationship, it’s actually my Peruvian other half who requests to come here the most. Since he has visited England, he has found that Wicks’ beer is the most similar to an English brew anywhere in Peru, and he can’t get enough. He loves the food and the atmosphere too, and I think he would happily go every week if he had the chance!

Wicks brew a few different types of beer in house; Golden Ale, IPA, Best Bitter and Stout amongst others. I remember being told that they bring their hops (a major ingredient in beer in case you didn’t know) from Britain, which I’m pretty sure is the secret to their incredible tasting beer. They are normally only available two at a time, and last time we visited I think the stout and the golden ale were on offer.

Both of these have a full body and excellent flavour, with neither having a weak taste or too much water involved (some beers on the Peruvian market literally taste like someone put some beer in fizzy water and shook it around). The stout for me is thick and creamy with a hint of coffee, and the golden ale is refreshing and perfect for a warm summer’s day. Prices for the house beers come in at S/16 for a pint and S/10 for a half.

As I mentioned before, they also serve up some craft beers from local breweries.

You can try bottles from Magdalena, Barbarian, Tio Lucho, Maddok and a few others. They offer some other international beers too, like Old Speckled Hen from the UK. You could also try a Peruvian gin called Gin’ca.

If you want to soak up some of that beer with some food, let me make a couple of recommendations…

Their fish & chips and sausage & mash are delicious examples of English pub food. The sausage & mash is classic comfort food and comes in a big bowl topped with gravy, and then the fish is fresh and lightly battered and served hot and juicy with hand cut chips and tartar sauce.

The sausage platter is also a good option, where you get a selection of different flavoured/seasoned sausages served with sauces and bread. Plus, they’ve also recently added a curry to their menu (vegetable or chicken), which has a delicious coconut flavour and is well worth a try.

Or if you’re not feeling too hungry, their s/5 portions (cheap for the size) of hand cut, skin-on chips are a perfect accompaniment to your beverage! If you come to watch an important sporting event, usually involving England, and it happens to be in the morning (due to the time difference), then you can guarantee Wicks will be serving up their ‘Full English’ breakfasts, complete with bacon, sausage, egg etc.

As you can tell, we’ve both come to really enjoy spending time here, but if you come during a big English sports event then expect the place to be heaving. We normally head over on a Saturday afternoon after the big matches to guarantee one of their comfy sofas to chill out and relax in. We can sit back with a proper pint (English pints are bigger than US ones) and plan our next trip back to the British Isles!

Wicks – Av. Pedro de Osma 210A, Barranco (It’s easy to walk right by without seeing it, so keep your eyes peeled! It’s the first building after crossing 28 de Julio)

Keep up to date with Wicks on their Facebook for events outside the normal opening hours and also which beers are on offer.

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