Lunch at Colonia & Co.

(Update July 2017 – Mo Café is no longer located here but if you want to try their food, you can follow their Facebook page to find out where they will be opening next!)

I love eating and tasting dishes from different places, so when I find a location that has multiple food places in one space, I am so happy!

Colonia & Co. is a great example of this and is located inside an old house in the heart of Barranco. It’s home to three different food spots, plus a bookshop and a clothes store all linked into one space.

Mo Café & Bistro is the restaurant at the back of the property and they serve up a small but cracking menu of food, plus a coffee and bar menu too.

I love the light and airy space with the plants coming down from the ceiling, making you feel as though you’re in a conservatory.

I ordered one of their juice extracts, he ordered a beer and we started with the duck pâté to share.

It’s a very generous portion of pâté and it comes topped with sugared citrus peel, drizzled in honey and sprinkled with pink peppercorns and herbs. It is absolutely delicious and I would order it every time. We did have to order extra sourdough bread, although you wouldn’t think we would need to given the amount of bread we had at the start, but there was just so much pâte! This was such a good thing for me, as pâté so often comes served in very small portions elsewhere.

During the pâté devouring, our sandwiches arrived. Mine an open faced sourdough BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado), and his a roast beef ciabatta sandwich.

The BLTA was a thing of beauty…..

The avocado was creamy, the tomatoes were roasted (or sun-dried), and was served drizzled with a chilli mayonnaise that has just the perfect level of spice (i.e. not too spicy at all!).

If you fancy a coffee at the end of your meal, they do one with coconut milk, which is such a great alternative if you can’t have dairy, or just love coconut. Be aware though that it’s a little pricier than regular milk.

Although dessert is available in the restaurant, we decided to head to the front of the building for baked goods from the mini branch of La P’tite France and gelato from Bosco Magico.

Bosco Magico has had a redecoration (since the photo above) and the back wall now represents a forest/woodland scene. There are also birds hanging from the ceiling and it’s all looking so magical. I love their gold beehive-reminiscent lids that top the gelato canisters.

If you would like some flavour recommendations, I would highly recommend you get the Amazonian chocolate if they have it, or perhaps the pineapple and mint if you prefer something fresher. The apple & ginger is also excellent if you fancy something different.

If ice cream isn’t your dessert of choice and you would prefer something on the baked goods front, I like the madeleines from La P’tite France, especially if they have the chocolate dipped ones…..mmmmm. Or maybe the brioche?

So if you fancy somewhere new to try, or don’t have long to explore Lima, then this spot is such a good option for trying lots of great dishes in one place.

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