A Peruvian Playlist

Peru is just full of musical talent.

But I’m sure you already knew that.

I have discovered so many great Peruvian artists since living here and I would love to share a few of them with you. Some of the following artists are famous worldwide, and others are more nationally well-known, but all have their own Latin flavour and style.

These are all artists that I would recommend for either listening to at home, going out to dance to or seeing live. They all come from a variety of musical genres, so I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your mood. I’ve only included artists that I have seen live where I have experienced their sets for myself, but I obviously haven’t included everybody! I hope you enjoy discovering something new, or even perhaps rediscovering some music you haven’t listened to in a while…


Novalima are a hugely successful Peruvian band, known worldwide, with their roots in Afro-Peruvian music. These guys have a major stage presence, partly due to the lead singer’s amazing voice but also as there are 7 of them in the group! I’ve seen them perform on three separate occasions now and they put on a fantastic show time and time again. Planetario is their newest album, but I’m going to share something a little older with you from when I first heard their music.


Shushupe is a female DJ whose music has its base in tribal and traditional Cumbia beats (a Latin American musical style – check out the history of Peruvian Cumbia here) and some tropical bass. I’ve seen her play at least once a year since I’ve lived here (at different kinds of venues) and she’s definitely one of my favourite DJ’s to dance to.


Juan Diego Flórez is a world renowned tenor and opera singer and is very much beloved here in Peru. His voice is incredible, he has performed in countless venues around the world and he’s won more awards than I can count. Last year he headlined The Last Night of The Proms in London and even dressed as an Inca leader for one song (I’ve chosen to include that below because he looks fabulous!). If you ever get a chance to see him perform live, you absolutely must. He is ridiculously popular here though and when we went to see him the show was completely packed full.


Turbopotamos are a Peruvian punk rock band who sing in both English and Spanish. Their songs are influenced by many different musical styles and artists, from ska music and reggae, to both British and American punk. They are good fun to go and see live and they’ll keep you moving from start to finish!


Circo Band’s shows are a party for their audience. They play a musical fusion of brass band, traditional Peruvian folk music, percussion, tropical beats, a bit of rap, funk, and so much more. Obviously not all of these elements fit into every song but the elements are all there throughout their shows. They take to the stage in Hawaiian shirts, send the tuba player into the crowd to form a dance line and just turn the place into a giant fiesta.


Animal Chuki is another Electro-Cumbia, tropical bass DJ duo, mixing traditional music with synthesisers, who I have now seen live twice. The first time was at a big outdoor festival, and I wasn’t completely sure about their music, however I saw them again in a much more intimate environment and they were absolutely fantastic. I’m so glad I gave them another shot, because their music is so great to dance to.


Lastly, I want to include a band I have not seen live, and in fact I’ve only heard a few of their songs. However, they’re really popular here and I wanted to include them as a new discovery for me.

We The Lion are an indie folk band, and their sound is completely different to all the other artists I’ve just shared with you. Their songs are in English, they play acoustic guitar, and are reminiscent of artists like The Lumineers. Their melodies are really beautiful and I’ve enjoyed their music so far, so I hope their success keeps growing and they end up a firm favourite like the other artists in this list!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of Peruvian music recommendations and that it gives you something new to listen to in the car on the way to work or to play on your next night out. Please let me know if there are any other Peruvian artists you think I, or my readers, would like that are not featured here. I’m always looking for new music!

See you soon!

E x

And to finish.....

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