Bookmarked // September

I am getting very, very excited to head back to Europe for Christmas, and I’ve been researching all the places that I need to visit, all the new openings, all the events…’s been a fun few weeks!

In fact, all the research I’ve done on my home country has finally helped me to almost finish my recommendations for Cambridge, so that page should hopefully be up on the blog within the next month.

But before I head back home, I’ve got a visit from my parents and a trip to Arequipa to plan for, so I better hit the Internet again and decide on where in Lima I really want to show them. They’ve been a few times already so we’ve done a lot, but new favourites always pop up between visits!

But enough about what’s to come, here’s what has been going in during the month of September…



watching :: september

Interstellar // Close Encounters of the Third Kind // Gotham

eating september

Top Row

1.Another Sunday lunch spent in Tanta eating their delicious little pobrecitos (see here for more details)

2. & 3. Canchita and fried calamari in La Esquina del Churre in Punta Hermosa. I love to eat with a view of the sea.

Middle Row

1.& 2. Homemade baked goodies! Another batch of millionaire’s shortbread, (layers of shortbread biscuit, caramel and chocolate) because my boyfriend loves it! Plus another batch of shortbread biscuits, one half flavoured with limón and the other with Peruvian chocolate pieces (70% cocoa solids) from Amador (it’s excellent coverture chocolate from the people behind Cacaosuyo, and I just love the flavour and so use it in everything!).

3. Homemade pasties filled with potato, onion, carrots and thyme. I can’t call these Cornish pasties because the ingredients are not completely traditional (no skirt steak, I used carrots instead of swede, and I flavoured with thyme), but it doesn’t matter because they were completely delicious! I got the basis for my pasties from Jamie Oliver, as per usual!

Bottom Row

1.You may have seen this beautifully roasted chicken on my Instagram, or perhaps on my post about Panchita, a restaurant that serves up delicious homestyle, family style Peruvian food. I love it!

2. Juicy, fatty and scrumptious chicharron from El Chinito. This is my all time favourite place to eat these amazing fried pork sandwiches! We buy a kilo and then eat it over a few days with sweet potato slices and salsa criollo (red onion, chilli, limón) in fresh pan frances (soft white rolls with a crisp crust).

reading:visiting September

My Instagram! // Londonist // Time Out London


Peru Top 4

1.The Guardian has published an article this month about how Lima is now competing with some of the famous ancient sites in Peru as a destination to be visited in its own right.

2. After a ceremony this month in Mexico, Peru has had 9 different restaurants named in the list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, including No. 1, No. 3 and No. 5! Astrid Gutsche, the wife and partner of Gastón Acurio, was also named Latin America’s Best Pastry Chef.

3. British Airways are launching direct flights between London and Lima. Woohoo! (Technically I found this out a couple of months ago, but I hadn’t included an article about it!)

4. Nat Geo Traveller discusses alternatives within Peru if you don’t want to, or can’t, do the Inca Trail.


The Best of the Rest

1. A roast potato pop-up is coming to London next month! A one off pop-up restaurant dedicated to the best item in a Sunday Roast; the roast potato. Heaven!!

2. Want to dine in the real Great Hall at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? On December 3rd the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour, London, is opening its doors for a one-off (at the moment) dinner in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Unfortunately it is now sold out, but keep your eyes peeled for another one (and save up the whopping £230 it will cost to attend)!

3. NASA says they have found water on Mars, or what could be traces of it. Super exciting and hugely interesting!

4. Did you see the super blood moon on Sunday 27th? It looked fabulous and I wish I could have seen it!


I hope you all have a fantastic October!

E x


And to finish.....

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