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This has been a great month, well at least the end of it! August is my birthday and I always celebrate it with huge excitement, as I have done ever since I was about 4 years old. This year was no exception, and like most years it revolves around how much amazing food I can eat.

I spent my actual birthday in 4 different restaurants, and then the following day I made an English tea party extravaganza for all my Peruvian friends, and it was an absolute blast. Sunday was all about relaxation, cake and champagne….




watching August

Devious Maids // The Great British Bake Off // Pretty Little Liars

eating August

So this is just a selection of the delicious dishes I managed to eat over my birthday weekend, some homemade and some from extremely delicious restaurants and bars! On my actual birthday I was determined to try restaurants that I had never visited before, and we ended up in a French bakery, a market ceviche bar, a bar with a sea view and one of Lima’s hottest new openings. Not bad eh!

Top Row (both pics)

1.Jamie Oliver’s mulled wine – hot wine infused with spices and citrus peel. This is an English staple in the winter so it seemed fitting to have this to drink here in Lima! The evenings are pretty chilly after all.

2. Millionaire’s Shortbread – a buttery biscuit base topped with caramel or manjar blanco and then covered with a layer of chocolate. Homemade, and my own shortbread recipe!

3. My Grandma’s fruitcake. Loved by many a Peruvian, this fruitcake beats any cake here claiming to be ‘Keke Ingles’ (English cake!)

4. My amazing birthday cake! I made this myself from a recipe in Jamie Magazine and it was a challenge, because there were so many different parts to complete, but so completely worth it. A stunning cake, based on a Ferrero Rocher chocolate, full of chocolate, hazelnuts and a light-as-air meringue buttercream. Heavenly!

5. Buttery brioche from La P’tite France bakery.

6. Chilcano de Fresa y Maracuya (Strawberry & Passionfruit) from Popular in Larcomar. Delicious!! Perfect for a hot, sunny day by the sea.

Middle Row 

1.DIY Eton Mess – The famous English dessert of cream, meringue and strawberries, was served deconstructed so my guests could choose the amounts of ingredients they wanted and it also meant that the meringue didn’t dissolve in the cream after a while!

2. Chicken Liver Pate – homemade from this recipe. Simple and extremely addictive! Instead of brandy, I used Pisco, and instead of mustard powder, I used a little sweet german mustard, and it was still just as good.

3. Scones – Another homemade addition of an English classic. Scones are an afternoon tea staple, and must be served in half smothered with jam and cream…. (Delia Smith recipe // James Martin recipe)

4. Technically this was not for my birthday, but I couldn’t let this list go by without mentioning the incredible G&T from Malabar!

5. NOS is the new restaurant from Virgilio Martinez, and I chose to have dessert and cocktails here on my birthday. This dessert is their chocolate cake, and it is one of the most delicious in the whole of Peru. Fact. It’s the hazelnut layer that does it!

Bottom Row

1.We completed my birthday weekend with an afternoon of cake and Moet champagne for two. Just perfect!

2. A present from my boyfriend’s sister from In a Jar. A little shop in San Isidro that sells desserts ready to go in little jars. A genius concept and very yummy too. Don’t tell anyone, but I ate this for breakfast!

3. A beautifully refreshing cocktail from NOS made with gin, apple, cucumber and garnished with rosemary. Perfect as an accompaniment for all of the chocolate we ordered.
4. The second of our desserts from NOS…. a nutella and cacao tart. So ridiculously good. This was like a ganache filled tart, but with that creaminess and nuttiness  that you always get from Nutella. A delight!

5. Ceviche from El Cevichano in Mercado Surquillo. Perfect for the super summer-y weather we had on my birthday!


….and there was actually even more food than that…..sausage rolls, flapjacks, sandwiches….

visiting AugustWhether from a restaurant or a market, Peru has some absolutely top options of places to eat and drink. When it comes to English tea time treats, it’s nice to know that I can replicate some of my favourites here in Peru too, and bring a little Britishness to Lima. My birthday was a mixture of the cultures and it was just what I wanted!

                     Eco Market Miguel Dasso //  Mercado Surquillo


Peru Top 5

1. The top 10 foods you should try when visiting Peru, according to Martin Morales, owner of restaurants Ceviche and Andina in London.

2. I found this recipe by Pisco Trail for a different take on a pisco sour….The Paddington Sour! Must stock up on marmalade and make this.

3. NOS is finally open in Miraflores and it is beautiful. They’re not taking bookings, so just rock up and grab a booth!

4. H&M in Lima has just launched an awesome recycling scheme. Just drop off a bag full of unwanted clothes or textiles and receive a S/15.00 discount voucher for your next purchase. Genius!

5. As much as I am enjoying the strong El Niño weather phenomenon at the moment (sunshine for my birthday in the middle of winter), it’s not great for some of the wildlife of Peru. Thousands of rare vicuñas may have to relocate from Arequipa to find food, but are being put at risk from poachers.


I hope you all had a fantastic August. Let me know if you have anything exciting going on in September, either in Lima or wherever you are!

E x



2 thoughts on “Bookmarked // August

  1. Always love reading your blog Emma. Excited to read you watch Pretty Little Liars too! No one else I know watches it. It’s addictive like you say. Alas I’ve only just started and still on S1. xx

    1. No one else I know watches it either!! It’s one of those shows that just gets better and better, with twists you literally never see coming….So glad you are enjoying reading the blog. I love keeping up to date with things that are going on in London with your blog, it reminds me of home!

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