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Felices Fiestas Patrias!!!….or Happy Independence Day! July 28th and 29th was holiday here and almost everyone had a chance to sit back and relax for a couple of days midweek and recharge those batteries whilst celebrating one of the biggest moments in Peru’s history.

For us, July has also involved a complete upheaval in holiday plans and now we’re heading back to Europe for Christmas.

My ultimate Christmas happy place!

A family Christmas full of food, drink and fun times (and maybe snow?), followed by a whirlwind trip to the Christmas market in Bruges, a foodie trip to Paris, and I final stop full of jamón, cheese and tapas in Madrid.

I will likely arrive back in Lima the size of a house. Ho hum!

So….. let’s see what has been happening this month……



watching july

Game of Thrones // The Walking Dead // Criminal Minds

eating june and July

Top Row

1. The first of 5 set menu tastings for a new post (3 in this picture!). Don’t want to give too much away, but these were quesadillas and although not very filling, they were extremely tasty!

2. More maki rolls from Hanzo….I can’t get enough!

3. Handmade pizza from Buona Tavola in Punta Hermosa….I love the pepperoni and carbonara toppings. Yum!

Middle Row

1. Mint Choc Chip ice cream from Amorelado. Thick and creamy and tastes like an After Eight. Delicioso.

2. My hoard of chocolate from the Salon del Cacao. Cacaosuyo was the winner for me with their award winning Camu Camu & Yakon bar!

3. Number 2 on our set menu tastings. These are chicken tacos with beans and rice. You get a lot for your money and pretty good quality too!

Bottom Row

1. Set menu number 3! Amazingly thick and creamy soup with gnocchi. Heavenly on a cold wintery day.

2. Excellent fish and chips from Brewpub Wicks. If you go on a weekend, they have a Scottish chef so you know you’re getting the real deal from the British pub!

3. Homemade risotto with sausage and roasted onion based on this Jamie Oliver recipe. Divine!

reading:visiting july

The Stone Monkey (picture – // Bones of the Lost (picture – // Salon del Cacao


Peru Top 5

1. Catch a free film showing during Lima’s Festival de Cine from the 7-15th August.

2. Peru claimed 13 medals in their best ever Pan-American Games in Toronto. Hopefully, this triumph will boost the support for these sports here in Peru and the athletes will receive the recognition that they truly deserve. (Article in Spanish)

3. La Nueva Palomino Picanteria is somewhere I really want to go to on my upcoming trip to Arequipa to try some of their delicious Arequipeña food. Have a look and see what’s on offer and maybe you’ll be tempted too!

4. My fellow WordPress-er Mariella is here in Lima! Check out some of her beautiful shots of the city on her wonderful blog Jumbleskine. I think she’s uploading her experiences in Lima every Saturday, but in-between times she’s also sharing on Instagram under the name @ellarend.

5. Mistura is Peru’s biggest food festival I believe and is held every year in September. For me, it has been hit and miss, with one year being excellent, and the next not so much. However this year looks interesting and El Comercio is giving us 5 reasons not to miss it! (SPOILER: Food Trucks and craft beer…. I think I’ll be grabbing my tickets soon!) Article in Spanish.

The Best of the Rest

1. First up, some Harry Potter joyfulness! I’m holding my excitement in here but…..there’s going to be a Harry Potter play!! The Cursed Child will be released next summer in London and will be set before any of the books/films.  I may have already made plans to be back in the UK for the opening….. (I’ve told my family that I’m coming back for my birthday, but really it’s just so I can come and see this play in all its Potter glory!)

If that’s not enough, check out this silly Harry Potter tube map. London re-imagined!!

2. The Cambridge Distillery distills beautiful bottles of gin in the heart of Cambridge. You can purchase ready made bottles, or, for a hefty fee, you can actually have a gin tailoring session where you have a gin made especially for you with your chosen mix of botanicals.

3. Love looking at pictures of beautifully arranged food from London, and around, on Instagram? Then look no further than Clerkenwell Boy. He gives me my daily UK food fix in the shape of some beautifully shot little squares of food gorgeousness and makes me hungry to head home, literally!

4. I’m planning a little afternoon tea for my birthday and am finding some excellent inspiration online. Menus from hotels and restaurants, and even this little selection of delightful recipes from the BBC Good Food site. I’m just waiting for the start of The Great British Bake Off next week and I’ll be in the zone!

5. A little more H.P. to finish up. I have just rediscovered this hilarious video of the Harry Potter gang as puppets. It begins with Snape hearing a strange ticking noise…….

‘Snape, Snape, Severus Snape…Dumbledore’

I hope you all had a fabulous July, and here’s to an even better August! Let me know what your plans are for this month.

E x


And to finish.....

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