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Even though this week has mainly been grey and cold, today has shown signs that a little summer is still here in Lima with its beautiful blue sky and fierce sunshine. I sit typing with a G&T in hand, just as any English citizen would be when the temperature passes 17 degrees! Our dogs are out on the terrace, basking in the rays and sleeping a lot, which is just what you want on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

This month I have been excitedly planning our winter holiday, which may be including a trip to the happiest place in the world (erm…thats Disney World), and therefore I have reverted to being a child at the prospect of this! I may have watched three Disney films already this week….

What else has been happening this month you ask? Well, let’s take a look at some of the awesomeness that Lima had to offer in May. may 2015


watching in May

Grace & Frankie // Wreck It Ralph // Modern Family

eating in May

 Top Row

1. Amazing croissants and facturas (pastries) from La Baguette‘s stall at the bread festival in Miraflores.

2. My fantastic homemade peanut butter. Only 2 ingredients; peanuts and a little drizzle of honey! Mmmmmm.

3. Barbecued/grilled platano (plantain/banana). Amazingly sweet and soft. It is the perfect side dish to a savoury meal, or it could even make a super tasty and healthy dessert.

Middle Row

1. My favourite place to get desserts is the dessert area in Don Angelo, Punta Hermosa. The desserts here are by Dolce Nina, and they are all delicious. The chocolate cake is famous, but I love the Pie de Limón or Maracuya (passionfruit). (Tip: save a few soles by ordering directly from the dessert area to take-away)

2. Food Truck El Gringo serves up incredible burgers with fresh Peruvian ingredients. The burgers, the bread and the chips (fries) are all first class. You almost don’t need the other ingredients.

3. Breakfast waffles at Lucio Caffé in Jockey Plaza. Waffles with warm maple syrup and topped with mixed fruits.

Bottom Row

1. Clifftop picnic with take away from El Pan de la Chola. They give you your extracts in the little jam jars, which is a) great because they don’t spill, and b) perfect for storing my homemade peanut butter afterwards!

2. Amazing, amazing gelato from Blu in Barranco. They have all sorts of delicious flavours, from old favourites like chocolate, to new ones like muña (Peruvian plant), mandarin and aguaymanto (physalis).

3. Chancho al Palo (see ‘Visiting’ below for the description) from the Festival de Vendimia. Juicy meat and a crispy crackling skin. What more could you want from roasted pig!

visiting & reading in May

Municipality of Surco // Food Trucks Peru // Unofficial Guide 2015 (picture–


Peru Top 5

1. So, Peru now have their own gin, distilled right here in Lima. It’s called Gin’ca (like Gin and Inca mixed together!!) and instead of the traditional mix of herbs and plants used to make gin, Gin’ca includes some Peruvian ingredients instead (although juniper is still there, as it should be!)

2. Food Trucks Del Peru was set up to unite the food trucks of Peru and also to share their whereabouts with Limeños. Their Facebook page shares news from their 5 members (at current time of writing) but also shares links to Peruvian food trucks around the world, bringing Peruvian food to the streets of many other countries.

3. This is actually a good one for you Mum!! Try this and maybe quinoa porridge will grow on you! It looks beautiful…

4. Want to know where is best for birdwatching in Peru? Here’s a little guide to get you started!

5. H&M is finally here in Peru!!! Yey!! Opening its doors at the beginning of the month, it has garnered a ridiculous amount of popularity. There are 3 floors of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, and also homewares too (the first in South America). It’s extremely well priced over here and is really offering a lot of things that no one else can really match yet. Their online site for Peru gives you an idea of what to expect, but it is a just a fraction of what is on offer and also you cannot currently purchase online. If you are European but live in Lima, stepping inside its doors will make you feel like you’re back home. It did for me.

The Best of the Rest – Disney special If you’re planning a trip to Disney or are in any way interested in reading about it then I have to recommend these sites and resources.

1. Touring Plans is run by the same people that write the Unofficial Guide mentioned above, and their blog section is a trove of knowledge. You can also sign up for a small fee to receive information on crowd predictions (which are normally pretty spot on), their very own touring plans for seeing the parks in the best way possible (i.e. shorter lines, less waiting = happier people), and other information only released to subscribers. This information is valuable because they have a whole team of computer people writing programmes that use information from the last couple of decades to predict what will happen on a particular day and help you plan accordingly. The plans even update if you decide to miss things out or take a break somewhere. Pretty genius stuff.

2. Disney Tourist Blog is jam packed full of amazing photographs taken by Tom Bricker. Not only are the photos brilliant, but his writing is very funny and full of first hand experiences touring the Disney parks. His humour is very English, which really strikes a chord with me, and makes his posts very easy to read.

3. The Disney park’s maps don’t really have much transportation information on them, but some bright spark has turned the Disney transportation system into a colour coded New York subway/London Underground style map, which makes plotting your journeys between resorts and parks a breeze. From detailed trip reports, to individual dining reviews and packing suggestions.

4. The Disney Food Blog is such a fun site filled with pictures and reports of Disney food news, and tips for dining out in the whole resort. They also have a newsletter which goes out 1-2 times a month to keep you updated with food developments in the Disney parks.

5. Disney fashion seems to be a big deal and therefore many stores carry Disney printed merchandise. Vans are releasing their Disney collaboration in June, Uniqlo have a cute selection of t-shirts, and sometimes H&M has a small selection of clothing (UK kids). However, there are other sites that have many other Disney clothing and merchandise on offer. Just check out Shop House of Mouse on Etsy, and Hot Topic. I just love these Mickey and Bunny shoes from Finnish brand Minna Parika, whilst not technically ‘Disney’ branded per se, they would fit right in.

What did you all get up to in May? See you in June!!!


And to finish.....

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