Bookmarked // April

I know my last post was a good few weeks ago, but I do have a good excuse… I have been moving house. I literally feel like I’ve been moving bags, boxes and furniture for weeks and, even more exciting, cleaning for what seems like an eternity!

This month has been pretty busy, so I haven’t honestly had a lot of time for much else! However here is the rundown of what did happen  in April…April


visiting April

London Kolin // Selvámonos

watching April

Once Upon a Time // Knights of Sidonia // Paddington

eating and drinking april

Top Row L-R

The delicious Arroz Cosme from Cosme (see post here).

Ramen soup and Katsudon from Naruto. (see post here)

Homemade hot cross bun flavoured muffins! I had to get my hot cross bun fix somehow!

Middle Row L-R

Roast pork served with the most amazing melty Belgian chips and a side of cooked, sweet apples and prunes in Blanchaert Belgian restaurant.

Mint chocolate ice cream from Cosme (see post here)

Sausage and Mash from Brewpub Wicks. Sometimes you just need some good old British grub (see post here)

Bottom Row L-R

Easter Eggs from Melate – Passionfruit & Coconut and Peanut Butter….mmmmmm (Melate chocolate available to buy in Tanta)

Pollo a la Leña (wood fired oven roasted chicken) with chips and salad from Matambrito in Punta Hermosa, Lima.

Gran Coronas Torrontes Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. Amazing, amazing wine and now on sale in Wong. Go and buy it now.


1. Paddington has his own Twitter account (@paddingtonbear. I know… brilliant. He has conversations with his Aunt Lucy sometimes at the Home for Retired Bears in Lima (@BearsHomeLima). Just brilliant.

2. Gastón Acurio’s English language cookbook, Peru, is available on Amazon US on May 18th containing 500 Peruvian recipes! I’m pretty sure this is going to be a big seller.

3. Busy con Bicis, are group of people who are trying to make cycling much more common in Lima to not only reduce the congestion on the roads but also to encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle.

4. 28 Photos That Are Far Too Cringe For British People….This actually made me cry with laughter at how true some of these are. Not all, but most!

5. Food Revolution Day is a campaign led by Jamie Oliver and takes place on May 15th. At the moment Jamie Oliver is fighting to put compulsory food education on the curriculum in schools all over the world to try and educate children about food and nutrition, which will in turn help to fight childhood obesity and diet related illnesses. Sign the petition that calls on all G20 countries to action it. It’s such a positive move forward.

See you in May!


And to finish.....

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