Sunday Lunch // Los Bachiche

Sunday was absolutely boiling, but we braved the high temperature and sunshine in search of food.


Today was the turn of Gaston Acurio’s Italian restaurant, Los Bachiche in Miraflores.


The decor inside is such a beautiful mix of black, white and turquoise. The black and white tiled floors evoke images of classic Italian restaurants, whilst the turquoise gives it a modern twist.


I also love the old black and white photos on the walls, also reminiscent of old fashioned Italian restaurants.

We started with drinks. As Gaston’s restaurants do not charge corkage we always take a bottle of our own, and today it was the turn of a Las Moras Malbec. Although before the wine and the food, I needed something a little more refreshing and opted for a frozen hierba luisa juice (lemon verbena), which was green (as always) but tasted exactly like lemon sherbet (S/12).

frozen hierba luisa

Perfect for a hot Summer’s day.

// TO START //

First came the bread; a soft and slightly oily focaccia served with a dipping plate of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Always a perfect start to a meal.

Then our starter of Arancini (S/24)arrived.



Arancini are little balls of risotto and cheese stuffed with something, in this case ossobuco, and then fried. I love these even without the tomato dipping sauce; warm, sticky and super comforting! (We have an Italian cafe/restaurant in Cambridge called Aromi who sell arancini the size of tennis balls; unbelievable!)

inside arancini

Look at the beautiful creamy risotto inside that golden shell.

// MAINS //

Next I ordered the Gnocchi a la Sorrentina (S/34). An Italian tricolour dish of red tomato, green basil and white mozzarella baked with the gnocchi in the oven until gloriously hot and melty.



This dish was divine. The tomato sauce had just the right level of sweetness, the basil gave it a full strength of flavour and the mozzarella was the perfect accompaniment to the tomato, as well as being just fantastic when melted! The gnocchi was perfectly cooked for me; soft little pillows but with a little bite to them. Of course, a healthy sprinkle of parmesan is always helpful!

For him, it was the Ossobuco Milanese (S/68). A grand portion of slow cooked ossobuco over a portion of golden risotto al azafrán (saffron risotto).


This dish is a classic here in the Italian restaurants of Lima, but each place serves it a little differently, although all price it at around the same amount. This portion came with a large bone filled with bone marrow; a delicacy in some countries. The risotto lends itself perfectly as an accompaniment with a not to strong flavour, which allows the rich and tender ossobuco, in its tomato sauce, to shine.

Although amazing, this dish is more suited to the winter season, when you really want a big hearty dish to warm you up during those cold months.

We have been here on a previous occasion, so I can also recommend the Tortelli di Zucca (ravioli style pasta stuffed with squash/pumpkin at S/36) and the Canilla de Cordero (lamb shank served with a corn filled ravioli at S/64).

Also, do check the specials board. The waiters will not tell you about it, but it is there!


On our last trip we had an amazing turron/nougat style dessert, which doesn’t appear to be on the menu anymore unfortunately. Also, we tried some balls of batter filled with a hot chocolate sauce, which were also incredible.

This time, however, we stuck with our classic Italian theme and went for the Tiramisu (S/24).


Mascarpone is pretty pricey over here in Peru so its always nice to find a good, classic tiramisu, and we jumped at the chance to order it! Layers of coffee soaked cake/sponge biscuits interspersed with layers of a mascarpone cream, topped off with cocoa and candied orange peel.

The mascarpone cream was not as thick as I would have hoped for, but nonetheless this tiramisu was a beauty and full of flavour. The flavour was greatly enhanced by the use of the candied orange peel which seemed to infuse every bite that they were included in.


We sat back, full of food and wine, feeling happy and satisfied.

Los Bachiche – Av. La Paz 1025, Miraflores (Next to Papachos, Amaz, Ache and the Hilton hotel)

Prices range dramatically so everyone is catered for! Starters S/17 – S/46, pizzas S/19 – S/43, mains S/24 – S/78, desserts are all around the S/24 mark.

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