Food & Fashion in Lima

During March, Lima has weeks dedicated to food and fashion.

Lima Food Week (well actually 2 weeks!) starts on the 16th March and ends on the 29th. During these 2 weeks around 25 well known restaurants will offer 3 course set menus for lunch and/or dinner. Lunch will set you back S/59 and dinner comes in at S/79.

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The list of restaurants include Malabar (one of the top 100 restaurants in the world and 11th in Latin America), Maras, La Nacional, Osaka and Amaz but you can browse the whole list including the menus on the website here. It also gives you an option to reserve a table, which they highly recommend doing due to the expected high popularity.

Personally I’d like to go to all of them, but I’ve been wanting to try Malabar for ages so this gives me a great excuse to go!

However, Lima is not all about the food, although you can be excused for thinking that it is! Fashion is hugely important here too.

Which is why we have Lima Fashion Week.

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Fashion Week begins on the 23rd March with catwalk shows running in the evenings from Monday to Friday.

If you want to see any of the shows, including Kuna and Basement (Saga Falabella), then you can purchase tickets at any Teleticket office (in Wong or Metro) or their website. Just make sure to double check the time of the show that you want to attend on the Fashion Week site before you purchase. Tickets cost S/60 for general sale, S/120 for VIP and S/160 for Super VIP (whatever that means!).

The first day has a slot dedicated to newcomers, which demonstrates the fresh new talent Lima has to offer and possibly the next Tom Ford! Who knows?

If you can’t decide who to see, check out LIF Week’s Pinterest page to see pictures of the previous shows including some of the same designers. I personally love the pictures from Noe Bernacelli‘s show; his last Autumn/Winter collection was beautiful.

This month is a chance to see Lima strut its stuff in the world of cuisine and fashion. So buy a seat in either a restaurant or the front row (or both) and see for yourself what Lima has to offer.




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