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Top row

1. My mum’s pancake recipe for Pancake Day smothered in sauco jam! Pancakes for dinner, what could be better?

2. Incredible lúcuma ice cream from OVNI(see this post) You must stop there on your way south from Lima on the Panamericana!

3. Chorizo al Sidre at Astrid & Gaston. (see this post) Fantastic food from a world class restaurant using incredible Peruvian ingredients.

Middle row

1. Pobrecito (mini tacu-tacu a lo pobre) from Tanta. (see this post) This restaurant is just the perfect place to head for lunch, especially as a weekend treat!

2. Sandwich de Jamon (Ham) de Huaraz from Café Bodega Santa Isabel. Almost every trip we take to downtown, we have to stop here for one of their ham sandwiches with criollo salad, a coffee and a big fat alfajor!

3. Pan de Serrano from Tambo Rural , a great bakery selling beautiful pan a la leña on the way down south on the Panamericana from Lima.

4. Baby Back Ribs from Tony Roma’s. These are probably some of the best ribs in Lima, no joke.

Bottom row

1. My own handmade chocolates from the Choco Museo workshop. I learned how to make chocolate from ‘bean to bar’ and then made some chocolates to take home with me. I tried so many chocolate products that day!

2. Showa Maki Rolls from the Japanese/Peruvian fusion restaurant Hanzo. (see this post) My favourite stop for maki rolls in Lima is Hanzo; they are so delicious and beautifully made.

3. My favourite juicy chicken and golden chips from Granja Azul on our trip to Asia. I am yet to go to their main site in Ate, but fingers crossed we’ll be heading out there soon! I need my chicken fix!



1. El Trinche is a great source of all things foodie in Peru (mainly Lima). It is in Spanish though, so you might need a little help from Google Translate!

2. Le Blog de Maud is a beautiful travel blog mainly focusing on locations in Peru, although she does go elsewhere on her travels. Maud is a presenter for the Peruvian show ‘Check In‘, although I still haven’t had the opportunity to see it. If you like her blog then you can also check out her travel filled Instagram feed (find her under maud.gurunlian)

3. Like surfing? Then have a look at this list of the best beaches to surf at in Peru. It was compiled by a national surfing champion here in Peru for El Comercio’s Vamos! and then translated for Peru This Week!

4. Amazing help from the local people near Machu Picchu to help some tourists get back across a river after the bridge collapsed. Watch the video to see how they did it!

5. National Geographic recommend their Top 10 things to eat in Peru. Not a bad list, but there is so much to choose from here that how can you possibly pick just 10!!


1. These Hungry Hippo rolls to go with soup! Reminds of that exact game we used to play as kids when you would smack the lever behind the hippo as hard and as fast as you possibly could to get all the little white balls into your section. Good times, good times.

2. I love the fun looks from Moschino’s Autumn 2015 ready-to-wear collection. The bear jacket in Look 38 and the Looney Tunes jumper dresses in Looks 13 -16 are amazing!!

3. Are you a fan of House of Cards? Then have a look at this great parody from Sesame Street using the story of The Three Little Pigs and a character called Frank Underwolf. How could it not be brilliant!!

4. If you live in London and are a fan of Alice in Wonderland then have a look at Alice’s Adventures Underground, which The Nudge claims will be ‘an immersive theatrical wonderland. It is a theatrical adventure under London’s Waterloo station to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and I think it is selling out pretty fast!

5. The Oscars happened last weekend, but did you see the performance of the Lego Movie’s song ‘Everything is Awesome‘? Well now you can, and to be honest you should. It is in fact awesome!

Oh and as a little something extra, I want to share the site where I found the free digital washi tape that I use on my month image. It’s from a site called A Vegas Girl at Heart and I just wanted to credit her!

What did you all get up to in February?

E x


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