Día Nacional del Pisco Sour 2015

How can I celebrate the national drink of Peru I hear you cry? Fear not, I am here to help you in your quest to find an event to celebrate the ‘Pisco Sour’.

The pisco sour is a drink made from the country’s national spirit pisco, mixed or shaken with egg white, limón juice (sometimes different fruits or herbs), and sugar syrup. It is then either blended with ice or just shaken with it.pisco sour recipe

(This recipe is taken from experience and recommendations, however notes were taken from here, here and here.)

‘The Day of The Pisco Sour’ always falls on the first Saturday in February (this year the 7th), but the celebrations usually run from the Thursday to the Sunday of that weekend. This year it is taking place from the 5th to the 8th of February.  Many celebrations take place throughout this weekend, so you are sure to find somewhere to grab a deal on a pisco sour. Personally I love the glasses that the different pisco producers give away with their sours, and sometimes even a cocktail shaker is not out of the question!

There is actually a Facebook page dedicated to this day, and it posts different events happening throughout the districts of Lima, and even as far out as Ica (a hub for pisco production). Although there are many events, I have chosen just a few to share with you for this weekend’s festivities!


1. This is the ‘12th Festival del Pisco Sour‘ that the Municipality of Surco has held, and it takes place in the Parque de la Amistad (opposite Wong on the crossroads between Av. Benavides and Av. Caminos del Inca). There are around 40 producers of pisco that have stands offering not only the classic limón pisco sour, but sometimes other flavours too such as  maracuya (passionfruit). Some producers offer chilcanos (another cocktail made from pisco, limón and ginger ale), and a few have other cocktails available too. The event takes place the 5th-8th of February 2015 beginning at midday and finishing at 11.00pm.

2. The district of Barranco is holding the ‘Dia Nacional del Pisco Sour Barranco Fest’ in their main square, Plaza de Armas, and La Ermita (a short walk away). This ‘fest’ is a mixture of food stalls, pisco stands and entertainment. It’s not quite as concentrated on pisco like the festival in Surco, so it’s more of an all round celebration and outdoor festival/market. Barranco Fest is happening the 5th-8th of February 2015 starting at 10.00am and finishing at 11.00pm.

3. The Municipality of Lima is organising a walking tour in the central historical district, giving you a chance to try a pisco sour in different bars and restaurants, like the Hotel Bolivar (famous for its very large and very good ‘Catedral’ pisco sour). This website has some information about how to apply for tickets and where to meet. This is running from the 6th-8th of February at 10.00 (it does not say if this is morning or afternoon so you would need to check!).

4. Lastly, Diario Correo lists a couple more events running, including the biggest pisco sour in Lima!

So, now you have no excuse not to celebrate the famous pisco sour! If you are not in the country head to your nearest Peruvian restaurant and order one. (If you are old enough that is!!)



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