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january w:tapeTHIS MONTH I HAVE BEEN………

Nuevo Mundo Facebook // The Complete Sherlock Holmes on Amazon UK


Dexter // Merlin // Elementary

eating / jan(from the left going clockwise)

1// Mint Choc Chip and Amaretto sundae at Laritza D’. Summer = ice cream!!

2// Salchipapas (sausage & chips) w/ egg at Tanta. I love salchipapas. Great for soaking up those pisco sours!

3// Amazing queso mantecoso (creamy, mild, salty cheese) from the area of Cajamarca in the north-east of Peru. I am afraid I have no location of where to buy this cheese, because it was a gift, but check out the label and have a search for it if you are travelling up that way!

4// The buffet at Mangos at Larcomar in Miraflores. Super tasty food and a great place to eat in the summer, because their location is right on the clifftop overlooking the sea. Amazeballs. (S/.55 for the lunch buffet)

5// Papa rellena (mashed potato shaped around a filling, normally beef, and fried) at Panchita one of Gaston Acurio’s restaurants specialising in traditional Peruvian food. It was by far the best papa rellena I have ever eaten.



1// A video on how to make fluffy quinoa. This is a great explanation from The Kitchn with pictures to guide you as well. I tend to miss out Step 3 in their process, which is to dry and toast the quinoa in the pan before adding the liquid, and mine still comes out fluffy. I can imagine though that doing the toasting first would give a good flavour to the quinoa so next time I will give it a try! Also, it’s similar to the beginning of a risotto recipe, so it seems like a good method.

2// Ever thought about getting married in the Sacred Valley, right at the base of Machu Picchu? Have a look at this destination wedding example and maybe you will want to!!

3// Thinking of starting a business but not sure what to do? How about something in Peruvian food! It was named as one of the best business ideas for 2015.

4// Ceviche is one of the most popular dishes in Peru, especially in the summer months. Have a look at this interactive map detailing the different kinds of ceviches you kind find throughout Peru. (It’s all in Spanish so crack out Google Translate if necessary!)

5// Are you an expat living in Lima? Do you make a pretty amazing pisco sour? If the answer to both is yes, then apply to be a part of ‘Living in Peru’s event in Barranco to be one of 8 contestants mixing it up to see who can make the best pisco sour!


THE BEST OF THE REST // Tech-ish special

1// Google Classroom for education-y people

2// This amazing scanner.

3// iPhone case fantastic-ness. Plus one more.

4// Submit your handwriting to this site and they will transform it into your very own font to use!

5// Send your child’s drawing to this company and they will make a soft toy that looks just like it!


Thanks for reading and look out for the February edition!!!



5 thoughts on “Bookmarked // January

    1. Yes, I have watched it! I absolutely love it too and it probably is better than Elementary. I’m just waiting for another series of Sherlock from the BBC, fingers crossed it’s soon!

      1. Hahaha well unfortunately we will have to wait a while: the next episode will be on Christmas 2015 and then the next season will be around 2016/2017.

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