Just a note…

So, it has clearly been far too long since I last wrote but I promise I have a really good excuse….my computer went and died. Yup, no computer for around 2 months, not so fun.

Therefore, no posts. But I am back (again) and have more posts (yey!). Namely more desserts, which is obviously great for 2 reasons

1. You get to find out all the best places to eat great desserts

2. I got to eat all the desserts first (all in the name of research….bah!)

Another great thing……My twitter is still alive and well and you can follow me by using the button on the feed to the right of the screen. That’s right, just scroll down and boom, there it is. Like magic. Or if you just want to search for me then @asliceofperu is all the info you need!

So without further ado, let the posting commence!



And to finish.....

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