Summer Is Here

Summer is here! Meaning I am eating ice cream and spending days at the beach (obviously in between working) so I am crazy happy! I had the coco ice cream at Laritza D’ this week and man was that good. Jam packed full of coconut. And I mean full. I also managed to find myself some ice lolly moulds so that I can even make my own! I have some strawberry ones waiting in my freezer for me right this second, which I feel is always a good thing.

So in honour of my ice cream/ lolly obsession (although its pretty much all year round) I want to share the greatness of ice cream/ lolly recipes from the web. Here is my top 10 that I have found so far, but there may be greater ones yet to find…. MUST. KEEP. LOOKING. (and eating).

  1. These ridiculously brilliant watermelon looking ones from a great Spanish site, Las Recetas de la Felicidad (Recipes of Happiness). (recipe is in Spanish, but for English just click ‘English’ at the top of the recipe)
  2. These beautiful floral lollies. I am loving me some edible flowers!
  3. Ice lollies in all the colours of the rainbow, with some amazing sounding recipes, and they look super easy to  make. Pretty much just good old-fashioned blended fruit!
  4. Ice cream sandwiches are awesome. I love the D’Onofrio ones we have here in Peru, especially the teeny weeny ones for only S/.1! However, these are some fun ones to make at home from Oreos, ice cream and sprinkles. Love.
  5. I love some ice cream cake and I have two to share. This one from Sugar Hit and this from Nigella (Lawson… if there’s another Nigella!). I’ve made the second one. I died it was so good. No, really.
  6. I said I love ice cream (and Christmas) all year round so this is perfect for all people in the Northern Hemisphere that like ice cream in winter or for people here in Peru with way too much leftover panetón (panettone in Italy), and I’m pretty sure thats all of you. Thank you Jamie Oliver for this cracker!
  7. Ice cream. A lot of the time you need to have a machine and most people don’t. That is why we need this recipe for chocolate ice cream that doesn’t need one. And then there is this one for pistachio ice cream, which can be made with or without the machine. Your call.
  8. I am English. Therefore ice lollies dipped in Pimms is a good idea.
  9. Using wooden sticks! These strawberry bars and these Oreo & Nutella layered ice cream bars.
  10. Baked Alaska. Enough said.


Amazing! Now where did I put those ice lollies……

And to finish.....

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