Bars In 250 Words – Ayahuasca Restobar

The district of Barranco has a great selection of bars and eateries; Ayahuasca Restobar is one of my favourites. It has an extensive list of pisco sours, good food, and above all a great atmosphere.


Situated in a large colonial style mansion, the bar is split over two levels; the main area on the second floor at the top of a double staircase, and the lower level has a series of dark but colourful rooms of different sizes that all open into one another. The decor is what gives this place an amazing atmosphere. Each room has different Peruvian art works or designs; no two rooms are alike. One has a wall covered in neon bottles, and another has a wall covered in old magazines/newspapers. All of the tables and chairs are mismatched giving it a really vintage feel, but the bar is by no means old; it has a very up-to-date style that incorporates its culture.


A very Peruvian menu. We had one of the sharing platters, comprising of different foods popular in Peru, including anticuchos (beef hearts), papa rellena (stuffed potatoes), and chicharron (fried pork) with camote (sweet potato). It suggests to share for 4, but we happily ate it between 2 of us!


The drinks list is incredible. The bar has a huge amount of macerated piscos and they use numerous different Peruvian ingredients to flavour their cocktails. Their namesake cocktail, the Ayahuasca Sour, includes pisco macerated in coca leaves, with aguaymanto and tumbo juice.

(Check out their website for opening times here)

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