Breakfast Bruschetta

Sundays are great.

I love that you can spend Sundays sleeping, eating, and watching movies in your PJs and no one cares. Awesome.

I made the greatest breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning and it is super easy.

Bruschetta is, as Jamie Oliver puts it, ‘a kind of open sandwich’. A toasted one. With garlic and oil. I want more.

Jamie Oliver is my absolute food god. Everything I have ever made from one of his cookbooks has been so so good. This recipe you can have for breakfast, lunch, as a starter…..the list goes on. It is really versatile and you can customise it in any way you want depending on what you have in the fridge, or what you’ve been craving.

TOPPINGS // I fancied mine the regular, classic way, with one of the great food marriages…tomato + basil. Add a little salt, pepper, oil, garlic and there you have it. Wham bam thank you maam. But you can use any veggies that you fancy; courgette, aubergine, roasted peppers….maybe even mushrooms or oily fish, if you’re into that kind of thing!

BREAD // Jamie recommends using a sourdough loaf for your base due to the thick crust, but I assume any kind of crusty bread will do. Over here in Lima, we have these little rectangular ciabatta type breads which you can cut lengthways into 3 good slices and they work really well. Now obviously you need to toast the bread, and you might want to use a toaster or the grill. Either is fine, however, I think you get an amazing flavour when you toast them on a pan over a flame. We just used a flat pan over a gas hob and you could taste the difference.

So I took the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s book Jamie’s Italy, but you can also see his recipe here too.

This is the version I made for 1 person. Just multiply for more people, or if you are feeling hungry!



// 1 ciabatta or 3 thick slices of crusty bread //

// 1 large tomato //

// a few leaves of  basil // more or less dependent on taste

// olive oil // as much or as little as you want, and as good quality as you have

// salt + pepper to season // I used sea salt as opposed to table salt

// 1 clove of garlic, peeled //


Cut your ciabatta lengthways into 3 slices, or use your crusty bread, and place on top of a hot, dry, pan on the hob. Toast until dark golden and crispy. You want it to be crispy, so you have some crunch, but a little chewy still on the inside, so it’s not like eating crostini or burnt toast.

Whilst your bread is toasting, put together your topping. Wash your tomato, slice the top end off and discard, and cut the rest into small chunks. I don’t mind the seeds, so I leave them in the mix, but I know some people have aversions, so feel free to get rid of them! Rinse your basil leaves and then snip them into smaller pieces. Put the chunks of tomato into a bowl along with the chopped basil. Drizzle with olive oil, season, and  mix everything together with your hands. I like to only season with a bit of pepper now and then to sprinkle my salt on right at the end.

When the bread is toasted, transfer to a wooden board/bread board. Chop the end off of the garlic clove and rub the cut-side over the slices of bread to infuse them.

Drizzle the bread with a little more oil and then divide the tomato mixture evenly between the 3 slices. Sprinkle over your salt now if you haven’t already.

Serve on the wooden board or transfer to a plate.




And to finish.....

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